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Zatch And Tia: A Fierce Combination Torrent

Zatch And Tia: A Fierce Combination Torrent >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Zatch And Tia: A Fierce Combination

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sport





































At the amusement park, Kiyo and Zatch battle against the enemy tag team of Lupa and Purio and Hige and Zoboron, then Megumi and Tia arrive on the scene and it becomes a battle of 4 against 4. Tia is burning with anger because her day off with Kiyo and Zatch has been utterly ruined. Lupa and Purio come at them with fierce speed, but Megumi and Tia drive off. So, the tag team switches partners and surround Kiyo and company with Formation 2! Due to Zoboron's attack from one side, and the united attack of Hige and Purio from the other, adhesive fluid strikes Kiyo and company from all directions. Megumi casts an all defense spell, but it loses to the power of their strong spell and she's blown away. Kiyo realizes that to bring down the enemy, a point blank Zaker is necessary. But Zatch has not yet recovered from the attack he suffered earlier. Kiyo works out a plan. Using the adhesive fluid from their enemy's spell, Kiyo attaches Zatch to the back of Tia, who charges toward the enemy. The enemy is caught off guard andKiyo's plan is a success. Tia launches the same attack again. But this time Hige plows into them. Just in the nick of time, Zatch's numbness disappears a little, and he uses his own body as a shield to protect Tia. After a series of failures, internal discord in the enemy tag team begins. Capitalizing on that, our heroes attack together. Zoboron's book glows, but Lupa and Purio throw up a smokescreen and escape. After holding off the enemy, the four of them enjoy their day off at the amusement park.

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