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About This Game

Unravel the mystery of your grandfather's disappearance while preventing a terrible evil from destroying your island home. Tanzia is a single-player retro-styled RPG that combines fast-paced strategic combat with elements of favorite classic RPGs in an open 3D world of magic and monsters.

Fight Fantastic Foes

As you venture deeper and deeper into the world of Tanzia, you'll face increasingly powerful creatures, from a lowly Akiri bird to the Skeleton King himself, with water spirits, giant spiders, zombies, corrupted beings and many more powerful creatures in between!

Discover the World of Tanzia

The island of Tanzia is completely open from the moment your adventure starts, you can get to discover and enjoy it at your own leisure, visit Turtle Beach, the Docks, the dangerous Emuri Village, the magical Lagoon, The Ruins of an ancient civilization and many more beautiful locations. Just make sure you're geared up & ready for the challenges you'll face along the way!

Learn Arcanity

Freeze your foes to make them slower, burn them to a crisp, root them in place! Learn different magic spells to deal with your enemies in creative ways, combine Arcanity with alchemy effects to become a one man army!

Master Alchemy

Heal, run faster, make your Arcanity spells more powerful than you can ever imagine! Mastering alchemy will be crucial in your quest to become the Hero of the Akazi stories.


  • Unique backstory and island setting
  • Main questline and optional quests to unlock more spells, items, and zones
  • Open combat system where exploiting combinations of spells, enemy weaknesses, and environment is encouraged
  • MMORPG-like controls with responsive movement to allow kiting and other emergent techniques
  • Steam stats and achievements
  • Steam Cloud savegames
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons & Profile Backgrounds

Title: Tanzia
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Arcanity Inc
Arcanity Inc
Release Date: 28 Mar, 2019


Controls are bad. This game is nicely built patterned after PS1-games like Spyro, Megaman, etc.

But they had intuitive controls. Therefore, in this game, poor and hard to manage controls are unforgivable.. Im so in love with this great game, Its so perfect. Amazing game by a amazing team, also I'm Kayn.. Very fun game, great story and lots of fun magic build options.. Overall, I am really excited for the game. Its fun, the characters are interesting, and the devs really paid attention to detail with some of the animations. The game has serious potential, and will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam when it is released!

Full review: I'm nearing the end of the game and thought it was time to give this a recommendation, as it is a great game with great story.
Potions and kiting are vital to the gameplay, so it might be a bit odd at first, especially if you tend to hoard and keep potions for "a better moment" as I tend to do.

Great storytelling and fun!. I want more games like this!. I personally didn't have fun playing this game, I found that some enemies were unbalanced and too difficult to face. Though, that is my only criticism and if they change that, then I'm all over this game.. Very fun game, great story and lots of fun magic build options.

Comic books, ports, OMG! So much to do!:
Hey everyone!

We have some big news we want to share with you.
First of all, the Steam version of Tanzia is coming along fine, we're finishing the ending area, working on some localizations and polishing the whole game so it looks awesome at launch.

Also, some news we're really excited about: Tanzia is also coming to the Nintendo Switch!

A very early mockup of what touch controls could look like on the Switch.

That also sadly means that the Steam version of Tanzia needs to be pushed back a little bit : (

We've been given the opportunity to launch on the Switch in the coming months, and to be able to make it, we need to focus 100% on that build. Since we're developing the game using Unity3D, improvements to the Switch version will also be reflected on the Steam build. So you'll see gamepad control improvements, faster loading and smoother scene transitions, higher frame rates, and more!

Pricing & Comic Books.
At first we planned on having a regular $15 edition of Tanzia, and then a $20 Special Edition with comic books and additional content, but we decided to include that comic book in-game as an unlockable (remember those bottles at the beach? Yeah, those will unlock the comic book in the future) and have a regular and beefier normal edition at $20.
So Tanzia for Steam and NIntendo Switch will be $20 at launch. However, as a thank you to the people supporting us right now, we're keeping the $15 price during Early Access!
So if you're on the fence about buying the game now or after the full launch, get it now and save $5. You can also tell your hipster friends you were into Tanzia before it was even launched, and that's priceless!

So here's today's news in bullet point form:

  • Tanzia is premiering on the Nintendo Switch!

  • The Switch version will make the PC version even better.

  • The PC version will need to be pushed back a little bit because of that : (

  • We're adding an awesome looking comic book as an in-game unlockable : )

  • The price is going from $15 to $20 at release. There's still time to get it at the discounted price during Early Access

  • Did I mention the comic book was drawn by our awesome artist Saige, who also did all the in-game visions and intro?

  • Also, bullet points are my favorite way of listing information.

Thank you everyone for being so patient and understanding!. Welcome to the Jungle!:
The Forgotten Jungle is now live!

You can finally use the Scroll of Disenchantment to open the old sealed path to the Forgotten Jungle. I won't spoil all the surprises, but you better bring a lot of bug spray!

One of our favorite sidequests is in this area, and it's the "So Many Spiders" challenge!
You think you're good at killing things in Tanzia? Are you the very best, like no one ever was? Then find Ki'olda and give it a try!
We have online leaderboards for this quest, so you can challenge your friends, family and random strangers to it!
And if you want to brag about it, you can check the scores here:

So Many Spiders Online Leaderboards

CapitalVices is the man to beat! Let us know on Twitter if you managed to best him and we'll RT you to our almost 10k followers... You could be a star! XD

This area also features one of the only quests that can be finished using Diplomacy. Can you reach Grog, the leader of the Emuri Camp, without firing a single fireball? A wrong answer means certain death on this quest! (or at least a pretty tough fight). So choose wisely!

This is the full changelog for build #3088

-open Forgotten Jungle.
-finalize Emuri Camp.
-add collision to emuri camp fort walls.
-update forgotten jungle pathing.
-complete Emuri Camp quest line.
-major optimizations for new quest "Too Many Spiders".
-rework Abenaki's reveal dialog.
-some cleanup on the Forgotten Jungle water.
-double Grog damage when hammer is equipped.
-fix portrait cam issues in Voodoo Camp including missing camera on trainer.
-don't let camera spin and pc run in place when interacting.
-move quest marker for returning to Bento to be at Bento!
-fix spelling error. rejuvinating->rejuvenating.
. Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons & Profile Backgrounds, Tanzia has them all!:
As of right now you can get trading cards by playing Tanzia! Just in time for the Steam Summer Sale! :TanziaBear:

Just look at our emoticons, who wouldn't want to collect them all?
:TanziaBear: :TanziaGuardian: :TanziaBoar: :TanziaEmuri: :TanziaHero:

The bear one alone is worth the price of admission! No other game gives you adorable bear emoticons! :TanziaBear:

Also the Profile Backgrounds are incredible, there's even one with the prototype of the Akazi characters!

For those who have played the game before, the starting cards should be dropping any second now. For the rest, start collecting them now!

Gotta Catch 'Em All!. Beta access for Streamers, YouTubers and Reviewers of all kinds.:
Hey everybody!

We're having a closed beta for the gaming press, so if you write for a website (or magazine, there are still some of those around, right?), make LetsPlay videos or stream on Twitch, you're in luck!

Please send us an email to with a link to your media outlet where we can see a bit of what you do. We don't mind if you don't have a ton of followers & subscribers, we just want passionate people who'll make cool videos!

Things we care about:
  • You need to have a PC good enough to run the game and record at the same time.
  • We want to watch/read a few videos/reviews/streams up from the last few weeks.
  • Your level of awesomeness!

Things we don't care about:
  • How many people follow you.
  • If you don't make your review/video in English.

Please make sure your email account is listed on your channel or website, you can also DM us at our @PlayTanzia Twitter account.

Here's also a KeyMailer link in case you use that

Cheers!. Tanzia Gets a Free Demo!:
Hey, everybody!

We know that some people are on the verge of getting Tanzia, but they'd like to try it first. So we've just released a Tanzia FREE DEMO on Steam!

The demo lets you play until the Docks chapter, so you'll get the chance to fight 2 mini bosses and upgrade your gear, check some sidequests and even one of the comic books!
Also your demo savegames will transfer to the full version if you upgrade, so don't worry about losing your progress!

If you haven't bought the game yet, feel free to try the demo, and if you already have the game, please tell everyone you know!

We've also updated the main version of the game with some new stuff, a few bugfixes, and also some things our players requested.

Some of the main changes are:

-Added "kid" difficulty, so it's easier for the young ones to complete the game and enjoy the full story.
-Increased the strafe and strafe jump speed.
-Added super widescreen resolutions.
-Added more key remap options (equipment, spellbook, etc).

Let us know what you think in the comments or in our Discord channel![]. Win Jason's Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!!:
Can you believe after all these years, we're less a week away from Tanzia's Nintendo Switch launch?

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Jason (our lead designer, Tanzia's mastermind) wants to give away his boxed, mint condition, still with that new console smell, Nintendo 64!

In Jason's own words: "I've always loved comics and video games. I'm also a bit of a collector. A few years ago I bought a mint condition Nintendo 64 still in the original box. I've decided to give it away. I'm reluctant to give it up, but with Tanzia launching on Switch, this seems like a good time."

just look at this beauty!

OMG! So new and untouched!

We want to make a little game out of it, so here's the deal:

  • Step 1: Retweet our Twitter post about this giveaway ( link here ) with the name of your favorite Nintendo game EVER.

  • Step 2: Reply to that tweet with a screenshot from that game.

  • Step 3: Make sure you follow us on our @Playtanzia Twitter account.

  • Step 4: ?????

  • Step 5: Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!! (if you get the lucky pick!)

Easy right?

Next week we're going to pick a winner! And that Winner can be YOU!

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