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Mysterious Realms RPG Download] [hack]

Mysterious Realms RPG Download] [hack]

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About This Game

Mysterious Realms is a dungeon crawler RPG game about exploring the realms of mystery. In this game you take control over the team of brave Heroes and embark with them on dangerous missions. Mysterious Realms has a very unique combat system based on the deck with Crystals in five colours.

Use Crystals to damage enemies. Attack enemy with Crystal in specific colour to deal even more damage. Played Crystal generates Aura in corresponding colour. Use generated Auras to activate Abilities of your Heroes.

Examine mysterious objects, slay deadly enemies, deal with treacherous encounters.

Develop your Heroes between missions. Buy new equipment, potions, food. Learn new abilities. Empower Crystals.

Explore three unique zones and conquer the World of Mystery.


  • Turn based dungeon crawler with unique combat system
  • Embark on a dangerous missions, bringing glory and riches
  • Encounter curious objects, dangerous events and deadly enemies
  • Use Crystals in five colors to overcome obstacles
  • Attribute base checks
  • Equip your heroes with powerful equipment
  • Gameplay inspired by timeless classics such as: Darkest Dungeon, Puzzle Quest, ADOM and Slay the Spire

Title: Mysterious Realms RPG
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 25 Oct, 2018


Well having completed this game I have to add my voice to the chorus of good reviews this game has received. It's a basic, not too involved dungeon crawler that is fast paced and fun. The game employs some interesting mechanics with the use of colored crystals to deal damage and power abilities.

There were some frustrating moments with the monsters always seeming to get the first move after the first round of combat, this basically gives the monsters 2 back-to-back actions between the 1st & 2nd rounds which seems a little unfair. Also the monsters had a disturbing tendency to survive with just one hit point to eek out another combat round. However, I did like that if you did fail you kept the gold\/loot you had collected so far, and could even abandon a quest to go back to town and regroup in order to try again. So eventually you should get strong enough to make it through and be able to progress.

Once you complete the campaign and max out your characters there not much replay value here unless you just want to complete all the achievements, however, for the price the game provides several hours of enjoyment and challenge and would a good addition to any collection.. A fun ride!
On the menu you have some light dungeon crawling, a few puzzles for extra loot, two characters with a few gear slots and a four colour crystal system (cards) to simulate battles. Each crystal also have a value (used for damage calculation).
Pretty simple mechanic offering different synergies between skills and crystals. Enemies also have predictable actions and a set of colour weaknesses that you can\/should take into account.
You need around 7hours to get through the full content, unlock all hero skills, gear them out and increase your crystal values.
Looking forward to a DLC or sequel, good job Itharius!

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