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About This Game

Welcome to Grabity's ballistic bot brawls!

Grabity is a physics-based, arena brawler where 2-4 players wield Grab guns to turn objects into lethal projectiles or makeshift shields. Twin-stick twitch reflexes combine with tactical thinking in this side-on, 2.5D grab ’em up – best enjoyed with friends couch-style for maximum trash-talk and combat shenanigans!


Players subvert gravity by means of Grab guns, seizing nearby objects and using them as projectiles to pulverize the opposition, or as makeshift shields to block inbound items. Players need twitch reflexes and precise aiming skills, but Grabity also rewards tactical thinkers who can outmaneuver and outwit opponents in this intense, chaotic tango of death.

Jostling for position!

In a contest of aerial agility, players must turn gravity to their advantage, predicting the trajectories of both projectiles and rival players to secure a brutal hit while snatching their next crate in midair: lobbing objects while blocking attacks, mêlée ebbing and flowing in an elastic ‘footsie battle’ style.

Frenetic, fast-paced battles

Arenas evolves kinetically as players smash, grab and loot their surroundings – dashing for pickups, hovering momentarily to nail the perfect trajectory and squabbling over the last of the environmental ammo. Intuitive twin-stick controls provide a fluid experience that’s simple to learn but hard to master.


  • 2-4 person local multiplayer for maximum couch trash-talk
  • Online multiplayer support for when your couches are too far apart!
  • Intuitive twin-stick controls for a fluid play experience that’s simple to learn but hard to master
  • Side-on 2.5D gameplay, fully rendered in 3D with real-time lighting and physics
  • Special items and pickups such as explosive canisters and EMP grenades add spice to the core gameplay
  • Custom game modes such as Low Gravity, King of the Crate and Juggernaut
  • Choose from several Arenas, each hosting a unique set of tactical choices

Title: Grabity
Genre: Action, Indie
Team Ninja Thumbs
Team Ninja Thumbs
Release Date: 30 May, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: SM3 512MB VRAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


This is one of the best brawler style games I've played in ages. Super slick controls and the depth of gameplay becomes clearer with each session. We play 4 player brawls at lunch and anyone that tries can pick up the controls and get into is in no time, so intuitive. Love the art style and the design of the levels and fighters.

I followed this games' development for a while and its really impressive how commited this small team is to responding the community feedback on their discord channel and contantly updating the game with tweaks aand fixes. Highly recomend getting this game and supporting this team.. If you have time on your hands and a need to let out some frustration by launching crates at others, then this is the perfect game for you!

Not only that, there are numerous attachments to collect for your avatars. From robot cats to rainbow unicorn heads, gotta collect them all!. A good amount of content for a $14.99 game. Very fun just to throw stuff around. Definitely recommend.. A blast playing with friends!! tons of fun, amazing artwork, online work flawlessly. love it!. One of the first legit game i brought off steam. What i like about this game is that the staff are really friendly and take alot of pride in their game. Grabity doesn't have much flaw and the staff are ready to listen and fix anything that comes out. I really enjoyed playing with Buzzard and DJ and it was pretty easy to learn.. This game is extremely fun. Just got it last night and played a few bouts. Found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. In game chat extended the fun - made it feel like I was playing the game in my lounge with a bunch of buddies. Art is great, game is simple but well polished - no obvious glitches. Really fast paced action. The overall idea is simple but looks like it allows a lot of depth and room for skill. Will take a while to get my head around all the game modes but was really easy to get into. Played a couple of guys who were involved in beta and while overall they whipped my\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 I still got a fair number of kills. Outstanding for a first off indie game.. Chaotic. Fun. Get it on sale. Don't get it on sale. But just get it!. Of the little time I've spent so far in this, I can say that its pretty cool. Its VERY fast paced, confined close quarters fragging. Its frustrating and fabulous, depending on if you're the one dealing allt he damage. Awesome party game with heaps bragging to be had.. I'm a fan of local couch games and i try alot of them
and i can assure you this game is one of the greatest on steam
it's not famous because it's indie , but it definitely worth it even full price
there is even a Demo to try
good job devs keep updating with new stuff please. You've got to be kidding me. Six reviews? SIX!?

This is the best multiplayer game of 2018!


Months later and I still don't understand why. Fourteen reviews sitting at 100%. APPRECIATE THIS GAME MORE STEAM.

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