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Mobile carriers give data in small packages. Even the so-called unlimited data pack is limited to a few GBs per day. In such a scenario, losing data unnecessarily and paying huge data bills feels bad, right? Sometimes, acts like streaming an entire series or movie on Netflix make you lose it, whereas, other times auto-updates, app sync, and various phone settings consume your entire data and add to its cost. Therefore, the best data saver apps for Android is what you need to control the data usage and save your hard-earned money from mobile carrier bills.

Although smartphones come with various data saving settings such as turn off sync and auto-updates, still to control data usage better you require mobile data-saving apps to reduce your data consumption.

We have tried and tested the apps available on Play Store and curated the best mobile data-saving apps especially for our readers. These apps make sure that your data does not magically vanish. We talk about these fantastic data-saving apps in the next segment of this post.

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