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Discover our new version with brand new graphics inspired by the latest edition of the famous strategy game. Abalone has been one of the best games around for nearly 30 yea 5d3b920ae0

Title: Abalone
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Asmodee Digital
Release Date: 23 Apr, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Petium III 1gh or equivalent
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM


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The game runs all right after tweaking (black screen if run full screen for me). Whatever you do, do NOT hit 'esc': there's no dialog box, so the game closes to desktop no matter what you're doing. Local multiplayer crashes about half the time, and online multiplayer sits waiting to connect.then exits to desktop. It.looks nice? There's a positive. The rules are consistent, and the AI doesn't seem to cheat. The control sceme is fiddly with my mouse, even turned way down. Don't know about anyone else. Acheivements aren't a priority for me, but it'd be nice if they *worked*. As anyone can see from the forums and other reviews, the developer just doesn't care. If you plan to buy the game, only get it super cheap (say, 50 cents or less) and and don't expect achievements.. Abalone is a board game app done by a company called Bulky pix which doesn't seem to exist anymore as I could find no web page and the developers never respond to any customeru2019s complaints about Steam achievements not working. The game is really awful. It has a terrible tutorial which tries to teach you how to play the game while quoting some random quotes from Sun Tzu as if it's some sort of profound sensei. 4-5 million people have played the game Abalone throughout their lifetime and for those people this version is hardly to be considered fun as it has no proper match making ability. Hence a novice will probably be pitted up against a world champion in no time. The ai in the single player is perfect and never makes a mistake. Some people have made a statement that violent video games make people violent. I don't believe that. I personally believe that BADLY MADE/UNFAIR GAMES make people violent and there are a few of those that I have banned myself from playing. This is soon to be one of them. The game is so unfair that I often start shouting 'FRUIT' at the top of my lungs and yodelling threats that Iu2019m about to get a sledgehammer so I can turn their marbles to gelatine. The board game has often been criticised that itu2019s possible to make a game go on forever by simply taking a defensive position and maintaining that. This version prevents that from happening as youu2019re often dictated that you need to win the game in so many moves etc. Because of non-working Steam achievements, deaf eared developers, bad match making and completely unfair ai, this game gets a solid thumbs down as I often found myself losing more than my marbles every time I played it. Below is an example of me playing one of the advanced levels called u2018war stage 3u2019, originally I was going to give someone 5 steam games for simply showing me the solution to it, but somehow I magically found a bug and was able to win by setting out only one of my opponents marbles though in reality I was supposed to set out two. After that I begin to look at u2018War stage 4u2019 and after getting frustrated with it after a couple of seconds I now hold out the 5 Steam game reward to the person who can show me the solution to this puzzle. It should be enough of a sample for you to work out if this is the game for you. Thanks for readingu2026 I've recently played the physical copy of Abalone for the first time, and really enjoyed the tactics involved. Shortly after, I found out it was ported to iphone/android. This week, I find it on steam sale for pc. Worth it for the local multiplayer alone, let alone the AI vs and puzzle modes.. Great strategy game make sure you set the windows resolution to 1024x768 as this resolves the opening black screen. Once in game you can change to windowed mode and save, quit then reset your screen resolution.. Frankly, releasing a game on Steam that loads a black screen on today's resolutions is a bit sad. If you are like me and were getting the janky background music on a small black screen try dropping the resolution of your launch monitor to 1024x768. That at least permitted the graphics to load for my rig, which nominally has a multimon setup at 3640x1920. Once in the game, however, things didn't really improve. ESC doesn't bring up a settings menu, it exits the game. That's massively frustrating when you are searching for the controls in order to get going. Thankfully, the launch sequence takes a while every time you reflexively hit ESC in an attempt to get to any control-map or settings. Ultimately, this is a bad port to PC.. I never played this game because my antivirus detects a Gen:Variant.Sirefef.439 virus inside it.. Fun game, like checkers but more challenging.. People can't unlock any achievements. That's serious, means you dev guys made this just in the "helter skelter" state and show no respect to players. Please show us your attitude of solving the problem, or I won't change my review here.. Great strategy game. Feels like a direct port from the mobile edition, but I will need to try multiplayer before I can tell for sure.

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