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Zenodyne R Pack

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About This Game

This is not a drill! I repeat: This is not a drill! Suit up, strap in, and start blasting! Operation Zenodyne-R starts here!

Zenodyne R is a new 90s-style sh 5d3b920ae0

Title: Zenodyne R
Genre: Action, Indie
Team Grybanser Fox
Team Grybanser Fox
Release Date: 29 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows Vista and higher
  • Processor: 1,8 Ghz Single Core Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM


Basically, My Honest Review of Zenodyne R sums up my initial feeling picking up this game for the first time and thinking I have any chance in hell of survival. A few downsides (for me) entering a bullet-hell game for the first time. Difficulty settings should be corectly labeled "harder" and "hardest". Only 3 continues makes it impossible to survive beyond even the narrow tunnels map. Bombs help clear bullets during boss encounters. But it's limited to only 1. Many times I confuse my bullets with pick ups with red and purple enemy bullets. Too damn much going on at once on screen at a time to focus properly. I'm sure some people train for this their entire life. But for us common folk, it would be nice with a practice mode of learning (WTF?) before getting thrown right in for failure. I'm just saying. But overall - I loved it! Reminds me of other games I bought and shall never complete because the difficulty is too high even in "normal" mode. But it's still fun to try. After breaking a few XBox controllers against the desk, floor, and walls. You come to realize - it's just a game. And getting upset because you suck can become quite costly.. It's a simple, straightforward shmup that runs in a small window. The graphics are old school, but unfortunately so is the interface. It's not a bad game, but I got bored within a few minutes.. This was easily a day 1 purchase for me. A lot went into this fixing the flaws of Zenohell and expanding on new ideas. For starters, the game is overall more fine tuned for balance in difficulty and the ship choices than Zenohell imo. The game adds easy and hard routes to take so that less experienced players do not have to get crushed by the hard route. As the player has a choice of difficulty along the way, the game doesn't feel very cheap or unfair, and is not too overbearing or too much of a cakewalk. The game also gives a good sense of rewarding the player. Complete stages, beat hard routes, get through stages without dying, and other tasks will give you additional tech points that go towards unlocking additional content. The game starts you off with limited continues unlike Zenohell, but you can earn more. The better you play, the faster the unlocks will come. Even if you credit feed with what you have to the end of the game you still get tech points so it gives everyone a chance that is not a hardcore shmup veteran. Several new animations added to the player's ship for movement and ship banking are implemented as well, making them more visually appealing while playing. I feel that the detail of enemy sprites has gone up as well, especially one that I can't spoil in this review from it's predecessor. ESPECIALLY this one because it gave me chills seeing how much more menacing it appears this time around. Makes the one in the previous game look like a baby. As many people pointed out with Zenohell that it's soundtrack was nice, the soundtrack for Zenodyne R is once again fantastic. A different approach is taken this time to the tune of a Sega Genesis sound chip. The way the visuals come together with the music, it really is incredible. It truly makes me feel like I'm playing a retro game, especially since this makes nods at a few other shmups along the way. It's enough to make me wonder how well this game could be imported to an actual Sega Genesis cartridge. I really hope that other people have as much fun with this as I am, and that they also hold the same opinion that this is a step in a better direction than Zenohell. I'm not saying Zenohell was particularly bad, it's just this game feels more "right" with game mechanics and atmosphere.. This was easily a day 1 purchase for me and I wanted to wait til I've had at least 5 hours of playtime before reviewing. As someone who grew up in the 80's and 90's on cartridge based consoles, this easily brings that old feeling back: Starts out tough as nails, but as you get further in the game, the earlier stages become easier (and that was hard for me to believe at first). If you favored the type of music that the Sega Genesis punched at you, then your ears will definitely be feasted in this. There's been a slew of anime based bullet hell shmups popping up on steam lately, so this at the same time felt like a breath of fresh air. This is pretty much a straight up in your face vert shmup. There are 5 ships in total, but you start with one. There's a point system that rewards you after beating the stage boss. Those points add up and you'll eventually unlock the other ships as well as extra continue credits. This game has 5 stages, but don't let that fool you. One interesting feature this game has is that you're asked mid-stage if you want to take the harder route. I don't really feel like it makes the game harder? But there is an extra boss to fight after the main stage boss. Want tate mode? This has it. I do feel there needs to be some balance adjustments. For example, the first boss has 3 phases while the boss of stage 2 only has one. I felt it should be the other way around. Sometimes it just seems overbearing with all the activity on the screen followed by a quick moment of nothing. Again, these are brief. Enemy bullets are FAST, so you can't ever turn away, not even for a microsecond. This game defintely keeps you on your toes. I will continue playing this game even once after I've beaten it. It is definitely on my "gradually play again and again over the years" just like all the other shmups I play. I hope the dev continues to make shmups that don't follow the current trend.. Hell bids you enter. Victory may come slowly, painfully. Or perhaps not at all. But seek this despair, and you will be rewarded. Zenodyne R is ruthless and unforgiving, but the satisfaction of beating cruel and heartless levels will leave you hungering for more.. Super dope ill frantic & twitchy Seperates itself from the pack by just being itself. An instant classic with a bumpin soundtrack and artsyle that will will bring shmup snobs much happy. Those moments when you are not even sure how you made it past the endless barrage of bullets, lazers, and enemies Delivers immense satisfaction with eye popping visuals Just place your eyeballs in front of you cuz you will not need your eyelids, just forget about blinking.. I mean I played this before on my alt account and its fun but nothing I would really recommend.

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