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Zazmo Arcade Pack Download Android

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About This Game

Hello and welcome to the ZAZMO ARCADE PACK or Z.A.P. from the fine folks at the Donley Time Foundation.

Z.A.P. takes themes from games we love, revises them and EXPANDS on them. While they may look familiar to you we are working to add value and fun for you and a friend! That’s right folks – this is not only about you but - you and a buddy!

Two-Player Co-Op and Competitive Play
All games have co-op and single player play. Some, like Tank Wars, even have head to head challenges.

Samples of what's in store for you!
Mazard - look out for the Mazard bomb if you stand still

Tank Wars has a co-op version in addition to the single player

List of games included with titles:
Tank Wars Deluxe – Two tanks versus each other or the world! Besides head to head play we added a co-op mode where you and a friend battle endless hordes of tanks. You can even revive a fallen buddy! We have multiple maps and game modes too. Of course, we also have ricochet bullets and guided shots as options for players. (head to head, single player and co-op)
Mazard Deluxe – Two space men trapped in the maze of the space wizard. You battle aliens who can turn invisible. Thankfully you have a radar to tell you where they are. Don’t stand in place too long or Mazard will drop a flame bomb to flush you out. You can also revive a friend if he falls. (single player and co-op)
Breakdown Deluxe Classic block breaking gameplay. We have single player and co-op modes as well as a head to head option to challenge your friends. (head to head, single player and co-op)
Rob’s Adventure Deluxe – A shooter adventure with you and a pal flying through space. Battle alien armadas and bosses and yes, you can revive a fallen comrade here too! (single player and co-op)
Last Stand – You and a friend guard a pile of power crystals. You have unlimited lives but if the alien steal all your crystals, you lose. (single player and co-op)

Check out this and more in the trailers and updates we will be posting! Our goal is to bring a lot of fun to players and create memorable gaming situations.

Thanks for stopping by and as always - remember to live your dreams! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Zazmo Arcade Pack
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Donley Time Foundation
Donley Time Foundation
Release Date: 2 Aug, 2018


Haven't plade much but so far a solid game it is really fun and I could have hours of fun.

worth the 15$. Haven't plade much but so far a solid game it is really fun and I could have hours of fun.

worth the 15$

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