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When should you choose Canonical vs 301 Redirect?

Duplicate content is a problem any webmaster will face at some point. For Google and other search engines, duplicate content is not initially a negative signal. However, identical and similar content from different URLs can cause confusion and lead to ranking problems.

To avoid duplicate content, you should either take advantage of canonical tags or 301 redirects. Both methods can be very effective when used purposefully. This article will show when to use which approach.

Duplicate content can affect any site
The measures taken for OnPage optimization are usually clearly identifiable to site owners. There are standard recommendations for the meta title and description, as well as clear rules on which position structure is best suited to users and search engines. Similarly, a clear focus word can significantly affect your position in SERPs.

However, when it comes to the difference between needing a canonical tag or a redirect, many webmasters and optimizers are affected. Due to uncertainty, there is a risk of misuse of one or the other. This can ultimately lead to unwanted results and the complete opposite of planned optimization. For example, when avoiding duplicate content but doing sections of the website is not indexed or can be crawled.

For this reason, it is very important to clarify the functions of redirection and church attire:

Canonical Tag
Canonical Tags are used to signal to search engines the preferred version of a webpage to be indexed. If there are two identical web pages with different URLs, the second edition of which will refer to the original web page through canonical tags. That way, it tells Google and other search engines which version to index. The referral page will still be crawled.

The canonical tag is implemented in the upper section of the web page. Server-level changes are not required. As soon as a robot visits the web page, the canonical web page tag and indexes are read. A canonical tag can refer to the same webpage to prevent pirated sites.*/


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