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What Is Link Reclamation & How to Regain Lost Link Value

Link reclamation is an integral part of an effective SEO strategy, but it can seem intimidating if you don’t understand what it is, or why it’s important.

Building links isn’t an easy task, so when your hard-earned links suddenly vanish or when you find a broken backlink, it can be frustrating, it devalues your SEO efforts, and it’s damaging to your site’s overall credibility.

Learning how to reclaim lost links will help to:

  • Regain link value.
  • Build your link profile.
  • Improve your site’s SEO and overall authority.

What makes link reclamation even better is that it’s a process you can start right away, at little-to-no cost.

Claiming Unlinked Mentions vs. Link Reclamation

Unlinked mentions and broken links – while similar – are not the same.

Claiming  is generating new backlinks from online mentions, citations, images, or other references to your brand or company that aren’t already linked back to your site.

Link reclamation is finding, fixing, and replacing online content where your brand or company has been improperly linked.

Lost or broken links – also known as “dead links” – typically occur when a website removes pages, or when URLs change during a site redesign or rebranding.

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