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About This Game

WarpThrough is a fast-paced action game where you can’t attack until you stop moving.
Balance going through warpholes and keeping the monsters in check,
make split second decisions to dodge your foes or take them down
and help Charlotte, Three, Ebbie and Manor to stop the monsters infestation!

WarpThrough captures the exciting gameplay from old arcade games, as well as taking inspiration from indie classics such as Towerfall Ascension, Super Crate Box and Downwell.
Introducing ‘not moving’ as an action combines movement and combat in a unique way that's easy to learn, but will take you a while to master. As monsters keep on spawning, nimbly dodging foes will get you overwhelmed by enemies later. But as your goal is to get through warpholes, just taking out monsters won't cut it either.
Begin the story as Charlotte, a hot-headed teen eager to punch anything that’s in her path. Work with your dad to stop the monsters invading your world, and unlock new levels, items, and characters along the way.


  • Unique combat
    where stopping to move is a main action
  • Hostile dimensions to warp through
    each with different monsters to face
  • Unlockable characters
    with their own attacks and individual playstyles
  • A charming, character focused story
    brace the dimensions to save your friends (and stop the monsters!)
  • A dog
    his name is Ball
  • And much more!
    local multiplayer, weekly challenges, items, etc.

Title: WarpThrough
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Release Date: Summer 2019


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