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About This Game

Vertiginous Golf is a dystopian steam punk mini golf adventure g 5d3b920ae0

Title: Vertiginous Golf
Genre: Indie, Sports
Kinelco & Lone Elk Creative
Fellow Traveller
Release Date: 7 Mar, 2014


  • OS: XP SP3 and above
  • Processor: 2.0GHz CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:/p>


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A Work Of Art Meets Extreme Mini Golf. .all with a side of mild insanity. Butiful graphics, an inventive way to do "fly bys" of the hole in play, a wonderfully eclectic decor & some unique twists that will keep you wanting to play more. You just have to buy it to understand what the game truly is, "A very unique game with endless possibilities trying to make a golf ball go into the cup in a 3 dimentional course full of wild & weird obstacles. The coders, graphic artists & publishers should be proud of they're efforts. It's unlike any other golf game I have ever played. A must have game that scores my only 10/10 ever given to a game in a review. ***"Food For Thought"*** I have 188 games on Steam, 35 on Origin & another 250 +/- in stand alone PC games. I've been alpha/beta testing games since the mid 80's when small development companies were contracted to churn out games for Accolade. So far this is the only game ever to get a perfect score by me. There is so much potential for expansion packs full of courses, decor & new character building pitfalls, this game has the potential to hit it big as the devolpers continue to tweek the game.. Really fun, steampunk themed mini-golf. The visuals look great and the courses are varied. Constructuve critisism - better manipulation of the camera, option to hide the club itself while shooting, and scale the power meter to make it less "touchy" for the first 25% or so.. I LOVE THIS GAME! fanciful, frustrating, fantastic. the atmosphere in the game is dripping wet from the blood and sweat the developers put into the game.. If you have an itch for a wacky golf/marble madness style game, you could do much worse than Vertiginous Golf. Admittedly, I'm not that far in but I've enjoyed what I've played so far. Mechanically very good, and oozing with style, I definitely recommend the game. I also find it super relaxing, if you're into that sort of thing.. The Good Vertignious Golf is a gorgeous game, both conceptually and stylistically. The game controls aren't difficult to grasp, the music and sounds are well designed, and the interface is nice and clean, not interfering with the graphics -- did I mention they were gorgeous? Oh, yes, I did. The hummingbird and rewind features are welcome additions to the basic gameplay of minigolf. In fact, given the complexity of some of the holes, they're requirements. The availability of a wedge in addition to a putter is welcome, adding a level of strategy absent in other minigolf games. The game is also eminently playable -- on the more advanced courses, there are several ways to play each hole, so there's little repetition even with the limited number of courses. If it has a boredom factor, I haven't reached it yet. The Bad While I have not identified the game's boredom factor, it does have a frustration factor, and it was found quite quickly. There are difficult holes. There are even diabolical holes -- the par 3 8th at OSU Scarlet, when the pin is set in that card-table sized tongue of green sticking out into the pond, comes to mind as a real-world example. Vertiginous Golf , unfortunately, includes a few unplayable holes, where the line between success and failure is both unmarked and razor thin. The penalty for failure is vastly out of proportion to the value of success -- and scores rapidly balloon out of control, rendering an entire round not much more than an exercise in futility. And if I want futility, I can just load up my clubs and go play some real golf (which can fairly be described as two shots worthy of Tiger hidden within one hundred twenty worthy of Tigger). On the plus side, this is the worst I have to say about Vertiginous Golf -- but since it's central to game play, it's of importance. The Skinny Overall, I'll give 7.5/10, though I would strongly recommend the designers re-visit some of the holes and dial it back a little. I don't expect an ace every time, but neither do I expect to be condemned to ten or more strokes because I missed a tee shot by the faintest of margins. On the cosmetic side, I'd like to suggest allowing the player to choose their ball color (or if that's already in the game, making it more obvious as I haven't found it yet). We golfers are a superstitious lot, and I (think I) play better with a blue or green ball than with a red one. :D A course designer would be another welcome addition -- way back in ancient times ( i.e. , the 1990s), the Jack Nicklaus series of golf games always included course design tools, and some of the fan-made courses were genuinely brilliant. The vast array of additional free content also kept the JN games playable far longer than most other games released at the same time. Overall, this game is Recommended on the basis of design and creativity, and in the hopes that some of its frustration factor is ironed out by the time of its official release.. This Game is the most challenging game I have ever played. And that says a lot. In addition it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. If you enjoyed minigolf games back in the late 1990's at your work computer or while at school then this is the game for your current self and mind. You will not be dissapointed. Heck this game could even help you with billiards.. An orginal and atmospheric take on a golf game. Unique, steampunk flavored courses with lots (and lots) of challenge. As with any golf game the physics are cruicial, and VG nails the feel of the controls.. This minigolf game has an excellent physics engine, is rendered beautifully, and has great challenges. Lots of odd contraptions (like fans and conveyor belts) that will take a lot of time to master. A large number of different courses to play. This is a steampunk themed game, and everything is tuned to it. Immerse yourself and don't be in a hurry. After you practice a little, be sure to play the "backstory" holes to enjoy the, uh, well, backstory. Remember this isn't really an RPG so don't expect too much, just relax and enjoy - and smile at the corny writing: someone had a steampunk thesaurus in their hands, and maybe some drinks too. Consider the backstory an easter egg that needed more time to do well, and you'll get the idea. The main point is the golfing! Love it.

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