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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Torrent Download [Password]

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Torrent Download [Password]

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About This Game


Warning! In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, the fish are biting like crazy. We guarantee that you’ll never fall asleep.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a comprehensive fishing simulator which allows using various techniques, in different places around the world and most importantly, you don’t need a permanent connection to the Internet for it.

If you are bored of waiting for fish to take and falling asleep in front of the computer, this means that you have played a bad game! In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, this will never happen. Select the appropriate equipment and bait, cast your line and wait for a bite. Success is guaranteed.

In addition to traditional fishing techniques, in Ultimate Fishing Simulator you’ll also find a winter map where you will be able to go ice fishing! Buy an auger at the store, find a suitable location and drill an air hole. But not too small, so that you can remove the fish.

There are two modes of difficulties in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, thanks to which there is something for everyone. Normal Mode allows you to enjoy the game in all its glory. In normal mode, all the features in the game are included. Realistic Mode requires more patience and efficiency from the player. Fish will be biting less and will fight longer. Some of the game features in this mode are disabled, such as the underwater camera.

Every fisherman likes to admire his trophies. Some release their fish, other stuff and hang them on their walls. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator you can exactly do the same! Decide what you want to do with the fish you catch. Sell? Release? Stuff? The choice is yours.

If the maps available in the game bore you, you can create your own. Be creative and build your own dream fishery that you can share other players thanks to the built-in level editor. Enjoy fishing with your friends on your favorite, family fishery. What more could you ask for?

Everybody likes to use brand-name equipment, which very often differentiates from the competition with its parameters and appearance. We are the only fishing game that has a license for SAKURA equipment (SERT S.A.S.). You will find in our game their rods, reels, baits, and lines. Each item has been mapped in detail and added to the game.

* connection to the Internet is required to play the game in multiplayer mode. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Ultimate Fishing Simulator
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Sports
Bit Golem
Ultimate Games S.A., PlayWay S.A.
Fishing, Ultimate Fishing Simulator
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (x64 x86)
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 12 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • Additional Notes: System requirements may change during the development of the game

English,French,Italian,German,Polish,Russian,Turkish,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Japanese

Nice game, Enjoy fishing in real life, and I enjoy this game.

Of course real life is a bit from this game, but it catches the essence, and allows for a chill experience.

I would not buy this full price, but on sale, it is worth the money.

No micro transactions. brilliant.

Cant wait to play more.

. I am a lifelong angler and gamer, so I feel obliged to write a review for Ultimate Fishing Simulator. My review is based on 'realistic' mode only. If underwater cameras and such break your immersion and feel artificial, this game offers a simple solution: just don't use them. Overall, I'd say its a great game and scratches the angling itch, definitely worth it if you are longing for your favourite lake!

+ Only fishing game there is that really feels like being out on the water. The sounds of nature, changes in weather and activity at the water's surface bring back all the anticipation of actual fishing.
+ Easy to learn the controls and interface. I haven't mastered it, but I've got the hang of it, which is enough to get stuck in and have fun.
+ It feels exciting to watch the water for activity, find a good spot, focus on your float, get a bite, and reel in the fish. The fish bite often enough to keep you interested, but not so often as to feel unrealistic.
+ The cons are easily overlooked if you just turn your attention to the water and the fishing itself.

- The gear progression, selling fish for money and level up system are artificial and feel a bit immersion breaking.
- I am primarily a European course angler, so was disappointed to find I could not start hunting carp and bream straight away. Instead, you have to level up by fishing in a trout lake where could take 2-3 hours to get enough money to buy a license for a lake with the fish of your choice. The trout are still kind of fun... but they're not carp!
- I would love to see pole fishing and seat boxes introduced. That's the true European course fishing experience. Maybe in a future DLC, we can only hope.

tldr: Amazingly immersive fishing experience with forced level-up and money system tagged on. Buy it for the fishing, try to ignore the gameyness.. Better value for your money than a trip to the cinema, if you enjoy fishing or if you just want to give it ago then this is a must for your game collection, I see people saying it's not a great simulator but I have to disagree. At the end of the day it's a game I mean how many people pack a keyboard and mouse and go fishing so of course it doesn't simulate fishing perfectly (how can it?,) my gripe if I wanted to have one, would be that you get too many bites and the size of the hook you use seems to be tied into the size of the fish you hook. It could do with a little more randomness and larger fish causing hook straightening\/failure should you get a big one whilst using a smaller hook. Also maybe fewer bites as once you have your bait and hook sorted you get a bite every time. I like the way you have to tire the fish out and fight them with your rod along with combination pumping and reeling if not they keep going and pull your line out, I feel when this happens you should have to replace your line, float, weights, hook (equipment) etc. as you have just lost it, but alas all it costs you is the bait. The last thing I find not great is in multiplayer everyone looks like a chess pawn, the great graphics of this game is let down by the fact there's no character customization and clothing store. But don't let any of this put you off as the game is great fun and will keep you entertained for hours and hours.. a great fishing game
tis fun. I was loving playing this. Managed to progress to level 15 and was close to level 16 which you can start catching Marlin.
I was playing over two computers using steam sync, but all of a sudden I am now on level 13. Just checked on both computers and its the same

Level 13 to 16 takes a lot of graft as does the 20,000 credits I lost. Also a bunch of personal bests.
Not playable in its current state unless you want to keep doing the same thing over.

. Great game, Much better the other fishing titles ive played. Definitely would recommend if ur a fisher like me. BUT WHEN IS VR GOING TO BE AVAILABLE, itching to try that out. At first was a bit hesitant about the game as it's more complex than it's predecessor "Eurofishing", but once you get into it, which took me about 20 mins, it's a lot more fun, and actually quite simple too. The variety of maps and fish is brilliant, and it's a nice chilled out game... until your line snaps ! Definitely recommend this, lots of fun either by yourself or with friends.. Surprisingly addictive. Lots of gear and tackle to buy and test. A bit arcadish, moreso than simulator at least, but tons of fun nonetheless! Would definately recommend.

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