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TUBWT Cheat Code For Ps3

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About This Game

ATTENTION: The game is made by one person, bugs and errors are possible!

Welcome to TUBWT, the place where all your memories will be resurrected, the place where every corner is your mind, the place where everything you see is yourself.
Can you get out of the long-forgotten fragments of memory? Can you accept reality again?
Only you can find out the answer.

TUBWT is a first-person quest quest with an unexpected decoupling of the plot, where the player will have to unravel the "Exit Code" with the help of logical thinking and intuition.
You have to find all the right pills, never make a mistake in the choice, to understand all the tips and determine the final numerical combination.

It will be hard... b4d347fde0

Title: TUBWT
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 1 May, 2019


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I enjoyed some of the puzzles in this game but the main objective is to eat specific pills and there seems to be no indication as to what pills you need to eat. There are no clues, no hints, nothing. You eat the wrong pill and you die (and that will happen to you a lot unless you watch someone else play the game). After a little while I got sick of picking the wrong pill and dying so I just watched others play the game so I could stop restarting the entire game from the beginning.

If we had a neutral option I would definitely be selecting that for this game but since it's either "recommend" or "do not recommend" I have to say I don't recommend it just because the entire game seems to be based on chance or luck and I don't care for that at all. There doesn't seem to be any way to make an educated guess as to what pills to eat based off clues - it's just pure luck. The ending tries to justify what you've just gone through but I don't think it does. I think it's a lousy explanation for lack of good game design. I heard there was DLC coming for this game and honestly I hope that's true and I hope it expands upon the main game because there is something here. I just don't like it in it's current form. Maybe you will feel differently.

I uploaded some videos to Youtube. Feel free to check those out and decide for yourselves whether or not this is something you might like:\/watch?v=1Asc6fdrJEw&list=PL08FwntTpxPAX7cTrBvfzWjIwwrZNU3Kx\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=1Asc6fdrJEw&list=PL08FwntTpxPAX7cTrBvfzWjIwwrZNU3Kx<\/a>. This is quite possibly the worst puzzle game ever created. The clues mean exactly nothing. There is no reason or logic to any of it. If you eat the wrong pill, you die and the game restarts. The best method is just to eat every pill you see, remember the ones that kill you, restart the game, and only eat the pills that don't kill you. Do not buy this game.

02.11 Update: Difficulty levels, achievements and bug fixes.:
We've just released a new update today.


  • Difficulty levels(We didn't announce that they were added in previous Update)
  • Achievements
  • Minor bug fixes

Trading cards will be available soon.

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Hello, everyone!

Here are some new changes:

  • French language (You can change language in the Main menu: Settings -> General Settings ->Choose language)
  • Trading cards, bages, emotions
  • Rare text glitch fix
  • Changes to make the gameplay more intuitive
  • Minor bug fixes

Look forward for your suggestions!. "Half dead" has been released!:

We hope you will enjoy playing the game!

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