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About This Game

Take control of five tons of metal and power, and floor it until you reach the finish line!
Drive fully destructible trucks in Championship, Time Attack, Elimination and Quick Race. Get rid of opponents trying to block your way and make a reputation for yourself! Customize your vehicle from the engine to the paint, choose among 48 tracks and face your friends in Online or Local multiplayer for maximum destruction!

  • Drive on 10 different environments and 48 tracks
  • 6 truck categories with distinct styles, thousands of paint jobs and 54 possible upgrades!
  • 4 game modes including Championship mode with 13 events
  • 2 Multiplayer modes: Local split screen for 2 players and Online mode for up to 4 players
  • Realistic and localized damage

Title: Truck Racer
Genre: Racing
Kylotonn Entertainment
Plug In Digital, Bigben Interactive
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2013


  • OS: Windows® XP updated with the latest Service Pack
  • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2™ 2.8GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 series or ATI™ Radeon™ 4870
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Multiplayer modes require an active Internet connection


This game is way more fun than it should be. The trucks actually have nice damage, and the leveling is nice on each vehicle, but the game seems overly easy and can be nearly beaten in 2-3 sit downs.. Almost a total rip off. Must be played with keyboard controls. Overall, not very interesting.. After having played the dreadful game that is Motorcycle Club, I decided to play Kylotonn's previous racing game, Truck Racer, that I noticed I also had in my unplayed Steam backlog. Going in with the worst of expectations, I have to admit Truck Racer is actually kinda fun. Take formula truck style racing and give the trucks the ability to drift almost perfectly around every corner, and give them nitrous too because why not? It's hardly realistic, sure, but every racing game doesn't have to be a realistic simulation for me to have fun with it.

Basically, that's what this game is, no absurd switching mid-race mechanic to be seen, like in Motorcycle Club. Speaking of Motorcycle Club, here's a comparison between the two games just to show how much better Truck Racer is, based off the list I came up with for my Motorcycle Club review. In italics are quotes from my Motorcycle Club review,<\/i> and after that in plain text, if that applies to Truck Racer as well:

  • The constant screen tearing that requires manually enabling Vsync in the graphics driver settings to fix, because the game doesn't have a Vsync option.<\/i> Yeah, that's still a problem here sadly. Also, a game from 2013 that has some pretty noticeable framerate issues on high-end computers in 2017? That's odd to say the least. I suspect a console port.
  • The crashes, oh dear the crashes.<\/i> During my time with Truck Racer, I alt-tabbed the game multiple times and pulled up the Steam Overlay as well. Both games have an odd sound bug when alt-tabbing back, but crashes here? Nope.
  • The music.<\/i> There's only one song in this game, the one in the menus, which is actually pretty catchy as far as these kinds of games go. No racing music to speak of, which considering what happened with Motorcycle Club, is an improvement in my opinion.
  • The engine sounds.<\/i> MUCH better here, the trucks actually sound like big racing trucks. They could sound meatier, but at least the volumes are fair and not ear-screechingly bad.
  • The dreadful handling.<\/i> Later in the game, boosting can cause you to bounce off walls a little bit, but it's nowhere near as much of a problem here, probably thanks to the reduced screen shaking.
  • The fact that sometimes the brakes don't work.<\/i> The brakes work just fine here. Huh, strange.
  • The jarring redout effect if you hit the wall too hard and have an accident.<\/i> This still happens here, but it's not blinding and also is nowhere near as frequent, only happening if you go backwards for too long or somehow flip your truck over.
  • The violent retina-bleeding screen shake whenever you gently hit a wall or land a jump.<\/i> There's still some screen shaking, but again, it's less severe here and far more tolerable as a result.
  • The one time I glitched out of the map.<\/i> In comparison to Motorcycle Club, Truck Racer also feels more polished and doesn't really have any major glitches in the time I spent with it.
  • The whole mechanic of switching bikes in real-time midrace to deal with cracked roads and tight corners.<\/i> Nope, not here. This game's only remotely different mechanic is the ability to regain boost by drifting and colliding with other trucks. Otherwise, it's just traditional arcade racing here.
  • The fact that 10 bland race tracks (and their reverse variants) get stretched across a 119 race career mode with absolutely no race variety.<\/i> Not only does Truck Racer's 10 locations have multiple track layouts, there are also different game modes that frequently show up. Sprint races (more laps but shorter tracks), time attacks, and knockout races give the campaign some variety alongside the fact that new track layouts show up until the very end of the campaign.
  • The AI.<\/i> Real talk: Why is the AI in both this and Motorcycle Club so slow?<\/b> In that game, it was because of the gimmick that the AI never was programmed to use; here it's because they can't corner without bouncing off walls, losing all of their speed, and in some cases they take themselves out completely instead.<\/a> This makes knockout races drag on because you'll be lapping everybody else even with a stock truck. These kinds of games need difficulty options to help with this.
  • THE FACT THAT I ACTUALLY PLAYED THIS FOR 15 HOURS.<\/i> Fortunately, Truck Racer can be completed 100% in under 8 hours compared to Motorcycle Club's 15 hours of disaster.<\/li><\/ul>
    Truck Racer has some other things that Motorcycle Club just plain doesn't include at all: Performance & cosmetic upgrades (which probably don't help with the whole AI being slow problem, but ah well, they tried) and local multiplayer. It's limited to 2 players, but how many racing games on PC have split-screen these days?

    Recommendation:<\/b> Considering this goes for $9.99 these days and I got it for about 4 bucks, I'd say it's worth it at its current price, yep. It's not amazing and it's way too easy, but Truck Racer feels that much more focused than Motorcycle Club that I can recommend it, especially if you don't mind playing a lower budget arcade racer. That being said, if you're looking for a more realistic racing game with some big trucks, either buy Automobilista<\/i> with the Formula Truck DLC, or just buy Formula Truck 2013<\/i>, depending on if the other racing disciplines interest you or not.. Really bad game. Not even "so bad it's fun" or "oh well it was just a dollar", just bad.

    I know what you're thinking. "Arcade physics, easy drifting, trucks crashing into each other, mostly positive reviews, how can you go wrong with this?"

    First of all, this is probably a bad port or a poorly optimized game, as the framerate is inconsistent even on low settings.

    But more importantly, it's just not fun. The overall "feel" or handling of the trucks, is neither realistic nor fun.

    There's a boost mechanic, which charges when you grind with other trucks, but that usually gets you stuck and slows you down more than it should.

    Also the AI is really bad, and for some reason the 1st truck is always 10+ seconds ahead of the pack, which makes it even harder to catch when you're 2nd since there's no AI around to crash and charge your boost.

    There's a fair selection of trucks, but they all feel generic and handle the same.
    All the tracks and environments replicate the same assets and look the same.

    Oh, and you can't rebind your controller!

    It doesn't matter if you've set your expectations low or enjoy trash games, this game doesn't have anything to offer.

    Not sure why there's so many positive reviews, but most of them seem to have no more than 10 hours of gameplay, and for good reason.

    If you want a great arcade game, with lots of drifting and crashing and hours of fun, get Burnout Paradise instead.
    If you want a good truck game, get ETS2, or Formula Truck 2013 (not arcade!) if you want a truck racing game.. A fun little arcade-style racer. Not perfect, by any stretch, but it's still enjoyable!. What kind of Driving game, doesn't support a wheel? A wannabe driving game. That's what kind. Don't waste your money. Total waste of bit-space. When did steam start selling XBox crap, anyway?. This game provides a, while far from realistic, incredibly fun kind of driving and vehicle handling. While simple in terms of variety and content, races are always exciting, whether you're bashing up with the solid AI trucks, or carefully drifting turns in the lead. Vehicle customization adds a nice amount of depth, finding the right combination of parts to get your own personal perfect setup. I still can't help but feel that this game was perhaps lacking some sort of 'feature' Almost like how you'd feel playing a combat racing game without weapons, sort of. If you don't have the patience and time is not worth killing for you, the single player campaign can feel somewhat lengthy, but, again, the driving itself always feels solid. Would recommend to anyone who just wants to relax with the kind of game that they can play while thinking about things, chill out, not much frustration, and just keep on truckin'. chicks n' big trucks is bad\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

    \ud83d\udc49 Susan \ud83d\udc40 \ud83d\udc8b. I do not think it's that nice.

    Opponents' trucks are nearly indestructible so there's little fun in trying to destroy them.

    Graphics are blurry.

    Limited camera options.. I am really surprised to see so many possitive feedbacks. This game has nothing to do with the word "good". Physics is awefull, so is the gameplay. A limited number of tracks that you have to ride over and over again, only six cars that are not different one from the other and, on the top of that, idiotic and so unrealistic damage and hit system. Really - don't buy it. Wanted to play it with my friend in coop but would look for something else.

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