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The Sixth Spell Full Movie Hd 1080p >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: The Sixth Spell

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sport









































During their fight against Dr. Riddles, Kiyo and Zatch launch their Sixth Spell, but they can not identify its powers. Finally, the spell subsides and Dr. Riddles casts his own spell, which causes multiple Mini-Kidos to emerge and attack Kiyo and Zatch. Despite their size, they are quite powerful. Kiyo asks Zatch to remember what he thought about when they cast the Sixth Spell. Whatever it is, might be the true power of the spell. Zatch realizes his power and attacks the Mini-Kidos with incredible speed, even stopping a powerful spell from Dr. Riddles. Kiyo and Zatch realize the new spell temporarily amplifies all their previous powers; speed, defense and power, but only for a short period of time. With 30 seconds left to their new spell, they attack Dr. Riddles and Kido with renewed effort. Zatch hides under one of Kido's rocket launchers to get close enough, and is able to use his increased strength to throw Kido far, far away. Dr. Riddles is defeated. Dr. Riddles tells them more secrets of the spell books, and he warns them that 'evil ones are gathering their powers, preparing to fight against you.' Dr. Riddles wishes them success in their battles and departs.

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