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I do not like this name, but it’s accepted in the circles of marketers. In fact, stories from life.

“I walked along the street for myself, there was no sign of trouble, my snow-white coat fluttered in the wind, but then I tripped and fell in the same place onto the product of the FalinvestImitator company. Before that, I did not know what pleasure was, I did not understand that true pleasure can exist in life, but now I know it for sure. No words will help to express how I felt, but let’s, girls, try to describe ... ”

Well, the essence is understood. In fact, product promotion through stories. Unfortunately, inept marketing specialists ruined this method, because the story was not about the life of the person who is being narrated, but rather about the product.

That is, when telling a story, one should not write about how he cut the twine with a knife of the “Opener” brand, but about how he drove into a forest with a tent, as if by chance to talk about how difficult it was to cut the rope, good, the knife of the “Opener” brand »Coped with this task. Of the whole story, a maximum paragraph should be given.


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