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The Polynomial - Space Of The Music Torrent Download [key Serial Number]

The Polynomial - Space Of The Music Torrent Download [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Experience the music in a new way. Feel it pulse around you.
The Polynomial is a 3D space shooter with unique, mathematical scenery that animates to the music. And this is not some boring mathematics. This is fractals. There are worlds to explore, ugly enemies to kill, pretty allies to protect, bonuses to collect, and scores to beat (if you are into this sort of thing). It also includes arena editor and a non-shooting mode in which you can simply explore and rock out to your music. The game comes with 50 minute soundtrack; you can also import your music and playlists or even use the microphone input. There is a great variety of options that you can adjust for your own ultimate visual experience.

Key features:

  • Dynamic universe animated to music of your choice or microphone input.
  • 50 minutes of original soundtrack.
  • Unique 3D graphics and effects.
  • Highly configurable visuals, music, and image post-processing.
  • Full featured editable music playlist.
  • Support for anaglyph 3D glasses and the common 3DTV formats.
  • Joystick support.
  • Built in arena generator and editor.
  • 35 hand-picked arenas.
  • 4 music visualizers to choose from.
  • Innovative scoring function.

Title: The Polynomial - Space of the music
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Dmytry Lavrov
Dmytry Lavrov
Release Date: 15 Oct, 2010


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After trying Polynomial, I can honestly say this title will be collecting dust for many years to come. I did like some of the visuals and vector graphics, but I found nothing that makes this game enjoyable to play.. Simple but satisfying. Really doesn't have too much of a point but still doesn't hurt the fun of the game anyways. Check the demo if you are skeptical.. Oh my! Oh my, oh my! That is really all I can say for this game. It is absolutely beautiful. Depending on the music you put with it, it can be relaxing, hectic, chaotic, blissful...anything! If you do not own this game, GET IT NOW! Might I recommend using the song called 'Promise' from Thomas Bergersen's 'Illusions'.
Honestly this is a rival for audiosurf and in many ways more than a match for it! I cannot recommend this enough!. A 3D Shooter with absolutely beautiful visuals and the ability to import your own music.

This game in particular is a great addition to the genre. Although it took me a while to get used to the controls and get into the whole flow of things, once I was there I had a lot of fun playing around on this game.

You can play about with options, experiment with changing your surroundings and there's a fairly wide variety of levels to play around in. Adding your own music and seeing how it affects your surroundings is also quite fun.

The visuals are very calming; it gave the game a real chill and relaxing feeling for me. I haven’t spent long on this game but it is something I really should put more time into.

If you enjoy music based games and want something a little more different and relaxed than others, this is a great one to try.

For more reviews of this genre, check out my curator page The Best: Music Driven Games ♫
Controller support: Included
Local music files: Included
Online streaming: Not included
. Yep, it's a wallpaper generator lacking actual gameplay, but damn, the visuals are simply mesmerizing.. Seriously, this is a fun game.. The good: Colourful, arcade style, nice blend of music and space shooter, you play your own tunes, replayability is there despite there not being much to do
The bad: Instructions are kinda vague, no multiplayer (not sure how well that'd work), high-ish pricetag for what it is
Good solid fun, once you learn what everything is this game becomes highly enjoyable.. I enjoy most chillout and rhythm games, but this one was not fun to play.

I think it was the utter lack of feedback on the outcomes of any actions taken that really sealed my dislike of the game. I remember reading that the game was designed to be 'played however you want', but in practice, it's just like a blank piece of paper that your ink runs straight off.

Would not recommend.. I do NOT recommend this game to discerning gamers. I HIGHLY recommend this game to someone who is looking for a cool thing to have on one's LED Projector wallscreen while playing phat beats or haunting melodies from one's "altered states of consciousness special music" folder.
I use Winamp's milkdrop for the beginning of the party, and then when guests are looking to relax and play simple mindless no-consequence gaming in the smoking room we switch to the Polynomial and the music never skips a beat.
Also, I understand the game does get more challenging when you crank up the difficulty, and that's the only way to get the higher level achievements, but I don't use this game for gaming.

The game mechanics are great. You fire your inobtrusive, silent weapon and attempt to hit an enemy this is often impossibly far away, carefully compensating for the great distance by projecting the target's trajectory in your imagination. That's hard to do, so this game is a challenge.

Its best features are the silent weapons fire and the silent seamless transition from getting silently shot to death by nazi robots to silently respawning; your music won't skip a beat, so people in the next room won't go, "Hey, what happened to the music!?"

Also, this game may cause people on drugs to stop talking and stare for a long time. Get an LED projector is my point.

On a side note, have any of you other reviewers actually done acid? This game will not cause you to become every person who has ever lived, so it does not feel like an acid trip. That being said, you should smoke the stuff that was recently legalized in your state before playing

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