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The Night Christmas Ended Crack Only

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About This Game

Get into the Christmas spirit with the world’s biggest goblin in a blast from the past, 2D arcade shoot 'em up. Fight evil pet pinetrees from Siberia. Air-battle on a deadly pooping Rudolf. Float around in space and much much more crazy stuff.
  • Play through the whole adventure locally with a friend
  • Unique weapons and power-ups (like shots that grow and shrink)
  • The Giant Goblin will comment on if he thinks you control him well or badly
  • Shoot an innocent bird just because you are a jerk
  • Don’t forget the deadly pooping reindeer
"If you’re after a festive, arcade shooter that truly challenges all that play, then look no future than The Night Christmas Ended. It’s cheaper than a selection box, it’s fun to play and it’s easy to get the hang of it, and its ludicrous characters, daft plot and foul language makes it a game that really has to be seen to be believed."

7/10 - Invision Community 7ad7b8b382

Title: The Night Christmas Ended
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Giant Goblin Studio
Giant Goblin Studio
Release Date: 4 Dec, 2016


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I have completed the game on silver. After they did the first patch I have enjoy my time with the Goblin.

Here is my pros and cons:

The pros

-Epic Christmas music!
-When you get a cool power-up that make your enemies explode in so many little pieces around you so that you can not see yourself. Feels awesome.
-That the game varies as much as it does.
-Death battle against a perverse elf. So weird and fun.
-Being able to choose your own ending.

The cons

-There are some small errors in the game, most have no great influence. However, on the third level on the third world, there was an error in which the game continued for 15 seconds after the level was supposed to be over. Worth noting that I was suddenly invisible in those 15 seconds, and could be hit.
-The world where you fly on Rudolf's okay, but not my cup of tea. It is not as fun as the rest of the game.

My conclusion:

The Night Christmas Ended is a nice little Christmas game. I plan to play it a little on gold also. I will play it again next year, just to hear the cool music it is worth playing again. I hope that the developer has corrected some of the errors at that time.. What can I say about The Night Christmas Ended? It's a fast-paced action shooter, which starts off pretty slow for those who aren't familiar with the genre. As you progress however, it practically becomes a 2D bullet-hell and I'm A-Okay with that!

You play through as the biggest goblin of all (by an inch), who basically goes around blasting ghosts and the likes. Mostly because he can, of course. You're sent on a quest (for a hefty sum of gold in return of course,) to go and save Christmas.

The graphics are really fun in this game. I mentioned in my full review (https:\/\/\/2016\/12\/16\/video-game-review-the-night-christmas-ended\/)<\/a> that there is a graphical issue I found when an enemy dies. They leave behind some blocky debris, which is intentional. However, this can cover up the purple "debuffs" you encounter in some levels. You can still see them going down, so you just have to be careful.

If you're picking this game up for children and aren't fond of swearing, this might not be for you... However if you're totally okay with swearing in your games then get this. This costs less than some pints of beer where I come from - and this lasts longer.

TL;DR: Pick this game up. It's cheap enough, it's got some silly humour and it's overall great fun. Some minor points aside, you'll have a laugh... And the game gets pretty tricky for those who love a challenge!

As an aside, the developer really cares about this title. They've spent a lot of time chatting to me before and after I published my review on the game. I'm definitely going to watch what they do going forward. John: You rock!. This game was my way of getting into the Christmas spirit and let me tell you, it was awesome. The game kinda reminds me of Buster Bros but with a twisted story and sometimes, weird game mechanics and politically incorrect humor.

I've beaten it on Bronze and Silver modes, just beaten Level 2-2 on Gold mode.

As per the game dev's request in the opening cut-scene to be shown a Let's Play of this game, here ya go:\/watch?v=zlKiBvELWVU\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=zlKiBvELWVU<\/a>

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