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Termidor is an effective solution to get rid of a termite attack

Termidor is one of the effective methods for treating termite infestation. Termidor is manufactured by BASF Pest Control Solutions. The main purpose of the chemical is that it is capable of primarily targeting termites inclusive of the subterranean termites. This chemical is basically used when liquid treatment has to be done to kill termites when they enter the perimeter around the home. It is a great substitute for the common baiting treatments for termites. Termidor is thus applied to the soil in the outside of the house and also around it. As this is a non-repellent termite treatment, it may not drive away from the termite, however, we can say that it is effective in transferring the bait from one termite to another and spreading it throughout the colony. This is known as the “Transfer Effect” for the termites. 

  • What happens with the Termidor Treatment?

The Termidor treatment cannot be applied by the homeowner as only a licensed pest control technician has the authority to do that. The chemical shall be applied by the experts to ensure that it is installed in the property well and the results would be delivered positively as well as for maximum effectiveness and safest handling. The whole application process takes only a few hours of your day. The technician uses different techniques called “trenching,” or “trenching and rodding. While trenching, the experts dig small trenches around the foundation of the home. Well, if the bases are made up of concrete or other hard materials, the technicians drill small holes into the structure to ensure that the Termidor reaches all infested areas properly and starts showing prompt results. The application or actions on the termites usually begins after the experts conduct a termite inspection in Brisbane North residence. 

  • Is Termidor safe to use in the living space? 

It is a good thing that Termidor is odourless and water-based, this means that it won’t seep through the soil or causing harm to plants. Many households have already trusted the method and so one shall not worry about anything damaging happening to the health. Although, you may need to get regular checkups done, keeping the termites at bay until the Termidor zone is active. 

Along with getting the Termidor application, the homeowners should also opt for a termite inspection in Brisbane North. This makes sure that you are getting everything checked in and out looking for termite infestations that may cause you a ton of expenditure later in the days. Thus, it is good to take early steps and prevent more damage. 

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