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About This Game

You - a man who has lost everything. Literally. Your life, your home, your memory. Opening your eyes you find yourself knee-deep in snow in the middle of the forest. What happened? Who are you and where are you? - Unknown. You only know that you are not alone here. Have you heard the saying - "Man to man - the wolf"? Now it works! And it works damn good! Do you want to survive? - A few have managed to survive with their bare hands. Arm yourself and set your way. What happened to the world around, and why world died - it is possible to find out the reason, but whether it it the main issue today, eh?

- Siberia is severe. Siberia is cold and does not give life to the weak. Do you want to survive? -Be stronger of that lad running with a riflein your direction.
- Your Home is now here. But in the view of all your home will quickly become tempting prey. Erect your new home, strengthen and protect it.
- Nothing is eternal. And your weapon - perhaps the most loyal friend in this world. Take care of it, darn it, and it will serve you well.
- Hand in hand. If you feel that you do not need anyone - be on your way. You're cool. But in most cases people do not survive here bein all alone. A group of two people has the power and there will always be someone who will covered your back.
- You - human. A human needs to eat, drink, dress...if you don't want Siberia to took you forever. Whatever happens, whatever disaster has occurred, people were going in a hurry, and a lot of useful stuff left around. You have just to look around.
- And Again: you - the human. You're not made of steel and kilometers on your feet will not be easy to overcome. Why not use one of those cars that were left by hurrying people? All you need is to find some fuel, some battery, and something, than you would use to ignite the engine.

Currently we are working on develop this game. Thanks to you and your guests, we do "Survival" better! b4d347fde0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Early Access
TB Games
TB Games
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2015


Could be a really good game but hackers are everywhere. Fix this issue Devs. This alone will kill the game. I will review again .. I really enjoyed the game before this new update... Now it's just a battle royale type thing with money, where people PURCHASE weapons on a APOCALYPSE scenario... This was a great game when I first played it on facebook and later on steam for the first time.

I would really play this again if the devs would make SURVIVAL a survival game again. No cash, no battle royale things, just plain survival like the good old days.. Save your money, game is dead and the devs are lazy. I did never expect that! I played the old version for 41.9 hours even once with the devs on a random encounter. The yellow sneakers gang will be back soon!. Game was better in its original state then this. its a tarkov rip that isnt even done well.

-Game has been downgraded from its original state.
-Microtransactions seem to be in the pipeline as it appears in stores and mainmenu
-shameless tarkov clone

To call this game a zombie game is correct they took something decent and killed it then brought it back as a grotesc mish mash of retardation that just moans and waddles at ya.

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