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Streamer Simulator Activation Key Generator

Streamer Simulator Activation Key Generator

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About This Game

About This Game
Streamer Simulator is a simulation being streamer.
Change your old life for the better. You can become the world’s greatest streamer in history.

Build your stream world
Start from nothing, buy your first game and start streaming. Collect fans and money and buy better computer. Get up every morning and start new day with streaming. But don't forget about the weekly rent.

Go to the top and be the best
The more viewers you reach the more popular you’ll be. If you upgrade your skills you will earn more money and get more fans. As you recognizable enough, big companes will be interesed to work with you. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Streamer Simulator
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2016


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Great game if you just want to sit around and relax. Oh man, the game is beyond broken. It seems like it was rushed beyond anything, just to get it out quickly and making money. So much stuff is beyond bugged! Want some examples? Okay.

- If you buy any upgrade that improves EXP gain, it breaks the progression system.
- You can keep streaming Mineblock repeadedly, as long as you don't let the progress bar reach 100%

It's 100% rushed, and it seems to be pulling down the Simulator type into the mud.. Great idea, Massively lacking Content, Quality, Sounds, etc.. Game is unplayable due to the fact that ever resolution is messed up cutting off portions of the screen. Perhaps it's my 1900x1200 native resolution but I've tried windowed mode with every resolution on the list. When I go into most menus I can't even back out. Literally unplayable.

I would not recommend this game.. This game is so bad it is a wast of money. The game has no good game play aside from clicking 10 times. don't bother getting this trash of a game, I can't even call this a game, can you. Do you dare wast the money to buy this, if so go for it and regret it.. Worst game in the world.

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