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Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures Crack Patch Download

Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures Crack Patch Download

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About This Game

You're the captain of a small fleet of 3-5 ships. Your mission is to pass through a small sector of the galaxy to hunt down the enemy race. Along the way you will encounter other races along with their associated counterpart rebels. You will also encounter space pirates and pirate outpost. You will explore anomalies, asteroid fields, comets, nebulas, suns and worm holes. Worm holes become star lanes that let you travel greater distances instantly once you have explored them using research probes. Most encounters will result in a small 15-20 second mini arcade game.

While traversing through star systems you will also come across damaged or distressed ships. Helping these ships will grant you precious resources. You must also make orbit around planets and send down your planet lander to explore them. Find metal, gas and fuel resources as well as animal life forms. Some will be dangerous while others not so much. You can also discover shuttle craft crash sites, ancient ruins and military burial grounds. These too provide you will rare items. These can be traded to other friendly races for race credits. You can then use these credits to purchase or upgrade your ships.

Combat is a unique blend of real time with the play stopping while the player or the AI makes tactical decisions. Which way should I face my ship so it won't be flanked?Which weapons should I use and on which enemy ship? When should I use my ships special ability? When should my Fighter Carrier's deploy the fighters? Which enemy ships should I fire at with my Battle Cruisers dirty bombs? What ship should I repair using my Cargo Ship's repair drone? And finally what enemy ship should I target using my Research Vessels Research Drone to allow for the most Research Units to be stolen?

Completing achievements is no longer just a passive thing that has no real impact on the game. Completing them in SFARA earns you special Achievement Based Artifacts that you can use when you start your next game. These are artifacts that can't normally be found while playing the game. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Blue Blaze Gaming
Blue Blaze Gaming
Release Date: 5 Jun, 2017


I love this game! Reminds me of the old-school SC1. Exploration is cool, ship building is detailed and fun. I could get lost for hours. Would highly recommend!. any space fan will love this game lots of minigames and lots of upgrades all this game eneds is an online leaderboard very well do reccomend this game tutorial is thorough. Oh man. Where to even begin with this one? Yet another game that came completely by surprise and has truly shocked me with just how much there is to it.

On paper the concept sounds simple enough. You have a starmap, and like in FTL, you need to get from the left side, to the right, where some sort of boss encounter awaits you. Defeat that in order to win. But the similarities to FTL end there. Where FTL was a rather simple, quick affair, this game is incredibly complicated and will make for very long runs.

Firstly, there is so.... much.... content. So freaking much. And so many different interlocking mechanics. It seems so incredibly daunting at first. I mean, just look at those screenshots on the store page here. No matter which one you are looking at, it has SO MANY THINGS on it. A bazillion icons and tabs and stats and who knows what. And every one of them matters somehow. Heck, there's enough stuff to fill up a 125-page manual, which the game does in fact have. Fortunately, I found that the tutorial did an absolutely fantastic job of teaching the game. It didnt take long before everything clicked, and I felt like I knew what I was doing, despite the incredible amount of complexity here.

You start out by selecting a race. There are 45 of them! But you'll only have a few unlocked at the beginning. You'll also choose a few "artifacts" to bring in, which are the closest things to roguelike "power items" you'll find here. Things with semi-global effects depending on which type of thing you are doing at the time. One might affect your fleet, another might be for your planet landers. You can bring a few with you right at the start, and you'll be able to gain more during the run.

And "gaining more" is really the name of the game here. The final encounter of each run is powerful. And your starting fleet of 5 sad little ships is not enough. You need to build up your resources, get more and better ships, equip them with powerful gizmos, and so on. This is quite the process. There are ALOT of things that you need to do if you want to win here.

Some of these tasks are actually done via minigames, and this is where the game is going to start feeling like something out of the 90s. Most of the minigames are simple things. When you're plowing through an asteroid field in search of power crystals (one of the things needed for ship upgrades), you'll be in a sort of "shmup mode", however it's the sort of restricted-movement sort that was actually quite common on PCs way back when, where you can only move left and right, not in all directions. That's just one type of minigame... there are a whole bunch of them. Generally, each one is completed in about 15-20 seconds... they dont overstay their welcome. The exception is the planet lander bit. Ever played Starflight? If you have, you'll recognize that bit here. You take your lander down to the planet's surface, and crawl around, avoiding hazards, looking for resources, and occaisionally stunning alien life-forms to bring back with you for research. It feels ALOT like the lander sequences from Starflight. Though, quite alot of the stuff in the game feels like it's from Starflight.

Now, these minigames arent random or anything. They're very dependant on what you're doing. Go into a nebula, and you'll do the "shoot at the lightning" game. Aiding a distressed ship will take you into the boarding party sequence. Each of these different things serves some individual purpose, and making choices on where to go and what to do is a big part of it. You do have a time limit, of sorts, though it's *very* generous. Your interstellar enemies, though, will also start researching and building newer and bigger ships over time, so you want to try to play at least somewhat efficiently. However, the most common minigame you'll be doing is the planet lander one. There are ALOT of planets and alot of reasons to drop down and explore them. Did I mention that this bit feels taken directly from Starflight? I love it.

It sure isnt all just minigames though. The minigames are just there to add an element of skill to things... so you're not clicking on an asteroid field or something and getting items based on a roll of the dice. They also break up the pacing nicely, keeping the game that much more engaging. The real meat of the game though is everything else. There is so much to this. This is one of those games that the word "deep" was made for. There is ALOT of strategy here, alot of thinking to be done, alot of problems to be solved and decisions to be made, in an absolutely gigantic game with an incredible amount of content (and more to come). Minigames aside, this game is definitely a cerebral pursuit.

The combat in particular shows this off. Combat is not a "minigame". It's a fully tactical experience, in a "pausable real-time" sort. Your fleet, VS the enemy fleet (each can have up to 10 ships). There are many different ship classes, and WAY too many different ships overall (each of those 4 bazillion races has their own set!). Each individual ship has different stats, different weapon types, different ship\/bay modules to equip, and this all comes together in the fantastic combat system. It's very hard to explain how it works... and it's probably the most daunting part of an already daunting game... but "tactical" really is the key word here. You'll be choosing when to use weapons and special abilities, flanking enemies, setting movement paths (not just for your ships, but for fighters or guided missils that you may launch), and there's even a "crew" mechanic. Each ship has it's own crew, and incoming damage doesnt just knock off armor, but can also damage the crew as well. Some ship abilities are specifically designed to do just that, too. Eliminate a ship's crew instead of destroying it, and it becomes disabled. This is not an easy task and takes some careful planning to accomplish, but if you can do it, you can either dismantle the ship for research points or boatloads of credits afterwards, or add it to your own fleet if you have an open slot.

Not that that's the only way to get more ships. You can interact with the other races in the sector, and perhaps buy ships\/upgrades from them. There are also all sorts of different types of space stations and civilian outposts to visit, each with it's own unique service it can perform, and even pirate outposts to attack. There are so many types of locations and events to be found that it can be a little overwhelming. Same with the sheer amount of different stats that you have to manage, and so on. But these things never really feel like they're too much. They're presented in an easy to understand way (even if the interface is bloody strange sometimes), and despite the constant barrage of numbers and stats, I've never really had any "I dont get it" moments. I might be overwhelmed with sheer choice sometimes, but that's a good thing in this type of game. It also means that there are tons and tons of ways to approach the run as a whole, and you can constantly adapt your strategy as you go. It gives tons of room for experimentation and improvisation. And while there is a time limit, I meant it when I said it was really generous. You have PLENTY of time to do lots of backtracking as you see fit. The time limit is more of a thing that affects your final score, rather than being there to kill you.

Not that this isnt a hard game though. Even on the easiest difficulties some players do sort of hit a wall after a certain point. Be ready for a challenge here.

I could just keep ranting about this for quite awhile. It's rare that I find games of this scope, it really is. Dont let the 90s-era graphics or the sheer overwhelming appearance of the game put you off of it. This is a game of incredible depth with an incredible amount of content that is very well balanced, interesting, and just well-made. Get it.. This game is an excellent successor to the Starflight\/Star Control series. Many of the mechanics you liked in those games are here with improvements or added complexity. On top of that there is a thriving economy, political race scenarios, RPG level progression but for your fleet, artifacts, exploration, comets, asteroid fields, nebulas, wormholes, resource gathering and more. At first (like the Starflight\/Star Control games) it seemed difficult to master the moves and strategy to progress, but with an excellent 125 page manual, vibrant forum and SUPERIOR support from the developer you find it becomes easier. At this point, the 'civilization' syndrome kicks in, just one more turn, one more battle, one more warp to a new system. Overcome the steep learning curve and you will be rewarded!

Thanks to SpaceGameJunkie for recommending. any space fan will love this game lots of minigames and lots of upgrades all this game eneds is an online leaderboard very well do reccomend this game tutorial is thorough. The core gameplay mechanic is a series of gemeric mini games, the best of which is ripped off whole cloth from Star Control 2. The tutorial is 2 hours long. Do not recomend.. Totally awesome game!
If you loved Star control 2 and Starflight - buy this one instantly. Do not be discouraged by simple graphics - this is fun, smart-paced and, due to varied gameplay, will keep you entertained.
It is rogue-like, but not punishable by any means (i'm looking at you, FTL)
Planet exploration are like in Star control 2, but even better.
Space battles are pausable and let you think tactically.
Comets and stars encounters features shmup-like mechanic, but again - no punishing difficulty.
Anomalies, wormholes and derelicts encounters are quite unique as well.

The only thing this one lacking is diplomacy and story, but everything else it has is a sheer delight to play.
Thumbs up!. Well here I am with just over 4 hours of gameplay writing a review about this game Star Fleet Rogue Adventures....a bit of a mouthful I know.

What do I think...?

Well its very addictive and it has that strange quality which distorts time...I thought I was only playing for about an hour but when I finally checked it was 4 hours later....note to devs...STOP MESSING WITH TIME !!! are messing with forces you do not could destroy all of humanity when you mess with time I digress.

Back to the review. The graphics are nothing to write home about and I suspect a lot of people are going to be put off.
But they would be making a terrible mistake..for they would be missing a gem laden with gameplay. You can explore planets, mine asteroids, board other ships and have space battles...amongst lots of other things.

You have to explore wormholes and send probes through them to discover the end points in a kinda arcade minigame.
It sounds worse than it is as I find the various minigames are a nice change of pace from the overall strategic challenge which is to destroy your chosen alien race.

This is accomplished by heading towards their base sector by sector whilst also exploring alien planets for rescources to sustain your fleet.

You also have research. By the way all the alien races have a level from 1-9 with 9 being the toughest. Also you can choose to be higher level race only once you have conquered it.

Achievments are a nice touch here....they give you tangible in game benefits and are not just for show. Such as a nice artifact to improve your gunnery etc...

I have only touched the surface of this game but I look forward to more to be added by the dev to what could turn out to be a great game.

So yes I highly reccomend you get this as soon as possible If you like good gameplay and dont overly value graphics,

You will not like this game if you prefer twitch based arcade games with very little planning...however you will love it if you like deep and thoughtful strategy served with a side order of alien mayhem complete with pirates and nasty life forms that want to spill your tea and generally ruin your day in a very unsportsmanlike fashion.

Oh also I only discovered this game by accident as I was searching Steam for something interesting to buy. This really was not well advertised but im glad I discovered it.

Go get it now......oh and thanks for reading this rather rambling ya all. As a big fan of Starflight \/ Star Control series this game was very interesting to me.

A word of warning. This is pretty complex and definitely not "casual". You will have to learn and think a lot.
My biggest issue with the game are the unresponsive and awkward controls of the minigames. This makes it pretty difficult and frustrating to collect resources. I don't know if that is intended to make the game "more challenging". But for me its the biggest weakness and it makes it difficult for me to recommend the game to anyone. So I can only recommend it when you have a certain frustration tolerance.

Very deep gameplay. Longest and most detailed Tutorial I can remember having ever played. (Good thing!).
Good simulation aspect. Many stats to track an keep in mind. Satisfying to "level something up" or to find\/buy Equipment.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
Seems not dependent on "luck". But it depends on your "reflexes" an this can be a bit frustrating (bad controls).
Many short "minigames" for different kinds of anomalies to aquire different kinds of resources.
Beating the game unlocks new stuff.
Well designed interface. Albeit there is plenty information to show its clear and concise. Once you got the hang of it.
Many and detailed tooltips for each control or display. So its easier to learn the ropes of the game.
Lots of replayability. You cant discover everything in a single playthrough (time limit)
Time only flows at sepcial actions so the game waits for your input. No stress or hurry. Enough time to plan, compare and decide. (excluding most Minigames).

The things you can fly to in a star system are difficult to distinguish from the background. But there is also a list available.
The graphics is very "bare bone". Decide wether you can live with that. This is clearly a game which values gameplay over appearance.
Some of the minigames to collect resources are difficult, hectic and annoying (because of the controls). This is the only issue which lowers my fun playing. But probably you get better at it over time.
The controls of planet lander and away team rely on moving foward by moving mouse way from center. Here a button + strafing would be way more convenient. I can hardly fire in the direction I want.
There are not really quests, story fragments or unique events that make the game feel consistent. The events (anomalies, distress ships) are just generic and plain. I don't even know why I have to destroy the arch enemy. So you don't follow a story or lore but its just resource management and leveling up through minigames.
This game tries to be a rogue like. Thus you are supposed to loose everything for every little mistake. I generally find this pretty unfair and it seems the developers of such games don't value the time of their customers. I would find it more user friendly when there where a load button to load the last save. Now I have to Alt+F4 when things go bad and start the game again. Frustrating.
Since the game is a bit repetitive (resource grind) I can't imagine to win it 6 times to unlock the next of the 8 levels. For completing it you must have plenty of free time and a strong will I guess ;).

Complex indie space adventure\/simulation game. Lots of depth, fun, replay value and fairly priced. Some little quircks (controls, missing story) but nonetheless clearly recommended.

Note: I play with Steam in offline mode. So the counted game time is not correct. I have at least 10 hours in the game so far.. Recommended for sure! <\/b>
This is a really entertaining time, and deffinitely worth checking out.

-It is NOT graphically amazing.

-There are sound options in game <\/u> if, like me, you generally turn off game music.

-The keyboard controls for some of the minigames can be frustrating so keep in mind that a controller may increase your enjoyment of it.

I really like the unlockable nature of things in this game and that there are perks based off getting a collection of achievements...
I also really like that you get to play as a race you have defeated on the next go if you so desire...
and the Dev is pretty much awesome...

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