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Soma Spirits: Rebalance Download For Pc [full Version]

Soma Spirits: Rebalance Download For Pc [full Version]

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About This Game

"Soma, a world once united under the banner of a great ruler, eventually torn apart by its own people by their hatred and distrust for one another. Two great beings appeared to decide the fate of the world. In a great cataclysm, Soma and everything within in it was divided into two, and two guardian spirits would watch over these new realms."

About the Game

Soma Spirits is a choice-driven Role-Playing Game in which players will face heavy dilemmas with a colorful cast of characters. Unlike many games of choice, the decisions you will make in the world of Soma are not so black and white, and characters will undergo different changes depending on how you wish to proceed.

The world of Soma is a land divided into two similar, but distinct versions of one another. At certain locations, you will be able to travel back and forth between the World of Joy and the World of Sorrow and find different inhabitants, monsters, and clues on how to proceed. How you decide to help the people you meet along your journey will determine which of the game’s five outcomes Heart and Soul will find themselves in.


  • Turn-based combat with shifting character roles: Depending on where you are, Heart and Soul’s abilities change!
  • Flexible story paths: you will have multiple opportunities to change the story’s outcome.
  • Dynamic music: As you shift between the two worlds, so will the music!
  • Fully original audio and visual assets.
  • Five different endings.
  • Three different difficulty levels; enjoy the story at your leisure on Easy, or take on ruthless challenges in Hero mode!

Title: Soma Spirits: Rebalance
Genre: Indie, RPG
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2017


soma spirits rebalance download. soma spirits rebalance

Cute little RPG. Wonderful story, fun to play. I suggest playing the first time how you like, then doing three more playthroughs: one as each side of the story and last as a neutral.. One concept I became interested in the last couple of years the idea of light and darkness. I just find it very interesting that someone who\u2019s pure darkness may be a pretty nice guy while someone uses light might have evil intentions. And here\u2019s a game that tells a story about light and darkness.


Long ago, the Sun King ruled over the world of Soma. But soon he became corrupt and used everyone as his plaything. After he was defeated by a pair of heroes, the world was split in two. One a world of Joy. The other a world of Sorrow. These worlds are protected by a the optimistic Heart and pessimistic Soul and after obtaining a strange orb, they go on a series of adventures to save both worlds from disaster.

While there is a story here, it\u2019s more a bunch of small adventure that lead to a finale. It\u2019s good that Heart and Soul are such a great duo. I had a smile on my face when they have conversations since Heart\u2019s love of everything around him was a delight and is balanced by Soul\u2019s blunt and to the point nature.

On thing I thought the game did really was those short adventures and the moral choices in them. Yes, this game has a moral choice system. In each story, you meet someone who\u2019s having a dilemma of some kind and you have to figure what what would be the best solution to deal with it, either to remove their Joy or Sorrow. And there\u2019s no wrong answer, it\u2019s purely based on what YOU think is the best idea. The highlight for me has got to be the Freezing Fjord which I won\u2019t spoil but it felt like even if neither choose matters to the game, there is an impact to the area.

If I had to nitpick something, I had to mention that I found Evil Heart to be pretty bland. I mean Evil Soul was pretty unsettling and felt natural to his development while Evil Heart\u2019s development felt sudden and his personality was just dull.


Ahem. NEW GAME +!!

In order to get around the dungeons, you have to switch between the two worlds as some paths or puzzle elements are blocked off in each world. like a dead end might be near a portal and when you go through it, there might gone or there might be stairs.

The combat is unique as it\u2019s just two people with one main attack and one supporter. Who\u2019s who. That depends on the world you\u2019re in. In the Joy world, Heart is the fighter and Soul is support and in the Sorrow world it\u2019s reversed. And like the worlds themselves, they are the same but different. They both have two elemental attacks, a buff and debuff and a status effect to name a few of what they can do. Yes, most enemies are the same between worlds but you can\u2019t use the same strategy as for example if you fight a joy enemy weak to ice, Soul can\u2019t use his ice magic so he has to give Heart ice powers to hit them with is regular attack. You also get SP ever turn to use spirit powers which are are like limit breaks that can deal star damage or drain MP to name a few.


I didn\u2019t really talk about the worlds in story cause I wanted to talk about them here cause the art and music both show the difference between the two. The Joy world is very bright with lots colour. Everyone has a happy face and the music is very joyful to a psychotic degree that even the boss track is happy and upbeat.

The Sorrow is the complete opposite. All the colour is grey, you can\u2019t see anyone\u2019s mouth or are either sad or angry. The music sounds more like a regular RPG but as a more downbeat tone that even the intro to Soul sounds harsh.

I was reminded of Gloria\u2019s Teather from Psychonauts with how the music and set represent the two moods. If I were to pick favourite's, I have to pick the Joy world, mainly because I love bright colours and I prefer the fun music. But that\u2019s just personal taste.

I also want to add that the first time


This is a really good game. It\u2019s not long and even does morality better than Undertale (There I said it.)

10\/10. Tl;dr: A good game that is worthy of a look at by any RPG or Indie enthusiast.

If you are a fan of good RPG Maker games, this is a 100% must buy.

While by no means perfect, this game certainly has the heart and soul put into it with a wonderfully delightful style reminiscent of the Mario and Luigi RPG's (Two characters with both being usefull), A Link to the Past (Light and Dark World) and even a unique battle system that makes each battle a chess match. With branching stories and a difficulty setting, this game ozzes replayability.

Have I mentoined the charm? The charcters of this world are so interesting and fun to be around, and while the story isn't a shakespearean masterpiece, the characters and idea alone are certainly more and enough for an Indie Title.

It would be a crime to not mention the awesome soundtrack. Developer Torch 60 really served up one spicy soundtrack, with soothing, chraming beats in the light world, and fast, electric pieces in the dark world. It's a soundtrack so good, they even have a music player in game for you to listen to them all! Thanks Torch 60!

Overall, this game is worthy of a look at by any RPG or Indie enthusiast. It's a great game to play on those long weekends, and I hope to see a sequel, or even a new game, from this dev team in the future.. This game makes me smile, so much cute dialog and the dynamic of the two main characters is so fun. Definitely worth the price tag, if you have a couple hours to spare check it out ~. Soma Spirits is an interesting RPG game with a load of positives and only one real flaw for me: overuse of combat.

The storyline of Soma Spirits involves Heart and Soul, two Guardian Spirits who watch over two different halves of the world of Soma. Heart watches the colorful half of the world run by pure joy, while Soul watches the monochrome half of the world run by pure sorrow. The world of Soma used to exist as one entity until a historical event split it into the two halves, separating emotions and changing its reality. The conflict of the game starts with the world's balance of joy and sorrow shifting, and the two Guardian Spirits must step out to resolve it.

While the above may sound relatively simple, or maybe even overly simple ("What is good and what is bad?"), the actual adventure is quite a bit of fun. The majority of the characters you interact with have a lot of interesting personalities, and there is quite a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor that helps you enjoy your time as well. The decisions that you make along the way definitely impact the experience, as they can cause cutscenes to change quite a bit or even generate different boss fights in new areas, which was interesting.

The gameplay involves exploration of multiple parts of the world, thus resolving Soma's imbalance one piece at a time. In order to do so, you must shift between the two different halves of Soma in order to navigate and also make your decisions in the plot.

As can be seen in screenshots for the game and mentioned earlier, Heart's world contains a lot of bright colors while Soul's world is filled with various levels of grey. You shift between these halves via portal doorways. When you do so, the game's maps will change, with different pathways opening up, thereby letting you solve puzzles by switching back and forth between the sides of Soma.

Switching between the halves of the world will also affect the combat system. The combat in itself is a simple turn-based RPG style, as can be seen in many RPG Maker games, with only one big change. Both of the characters have Power, Support, and Spirit magical attacks. Spirit attacks require SP which accumulates 1 point per turn of combat and can be used almost at any time (unless the characters are under a certain stat debuff).

However, the different halves of Soma affect which character can use Power or Support. The Power attacks are main attacks against enemies mostly, while the Support attacks involve healing and empowering the other teammate. Whoever runs the half of Soma you are currently within can use Power, while the other has to use Support. More specifically, Heart can use Power attacks in the joy side of Soma, while Soul is forced to use Support only, and vice versa.

The types of enemies that you encounter also change depending on which side of the world you are currently within, meaning that you really might not want to trigger as many battles in a certain side depending on your experience levels or which side is more difficult to you.

This point, in fact, leads into the only real flaw I found in Soma Spirits. While the combat system tries to make things more unique than generic RPG battles, I still found that the game actually overused the amount of battles you encounter and makes the fights become boring anyway.

The areas are filled with little slime sprites that run around the map to trigger battles. There are red and black slimes, where the former ones move extremely quickly and try to follow you, meaning that they are almost unavoidable, while the latter ones move slower and can sometimes be dodged. Even so, many of the places you encounter them are small in width, so the slow-moving slimes can still be encountered easily.

Then, you have the fact that switching between the halves of Soma can cause all of the slimes to respawn, meaning that if you are in the middle of a puzzle that requires multiple portal entries, you could encounter the same slime over and over and fight way too many times.

All of that is pushed further by the fact that many of the enemies are actually quite overpowering. It is somewhat weird in that many enemies do not have a lot of defense, but most of them have really high offense. Certain battles can simply kill one of the characters in less than 2 turns, leading you to heal every turn essentially. If you do not want to spend a lot of time healing, then you have to delay the plotline and grind battles to gain levels for a long while. Even the equipment and items you gain do not drastically help.

Honestly, I would say that I wish that the game had way less emphasis on having RPG battles and more on simply having the plot, the world, and puzzles. Despite that issue, I still enjoyed my time with Soma Spirits and think that the story was quite enjoyable.. I really really enjoyed this little game. There was a nice twist on the standard turn based battle system, I never felt like it was too hard or too easy (which is great for a game about balance!) My in-game time looks really long but that's only because I often leave the game running while I do things and then come back to it. Which was also a treat because some of the game music is fantastic!! My guess is closer to 10 hours to completion. If you enjoy jrpgs (think earthbound), cute stories, touching moments\/lessons, or just want a short palate cleanser...for 3 bucks you can't go wrong here.. Great game so far! Love the music, it reminds me of the quirkiness of Rareware!

. Awesome game 10\/10, especially for it's price. Completed in a single breath, and still playing.
. got this on sale, but I love it so much! Totally worth getting!
fun and definitely replayable
9\/10 because some of the enemies are cute and i felt bad fighting them

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