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Solstice Download For Pc [full Version]

Solstice Download For Pc [full Version]

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About This Game

Solstice is a dystopian mystery thriller about small personal disasters that turn into great catastrophes.

A magnificent city in the middle of a frozen wasteland, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits, who either can’t or don’t want to leave for the dead winter season.

When the local madman goes missing, an ambitious doctor on a contract and a mysterious young woman, who arrived with the last dog sled caravan, start questioning the true nature of the city's splendor...


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Title: Solstice
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 23 Mar, 2016


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The gorgeous artwork creates a haunting fantasy backdrop to a dramatic and intricate story. Once you start uncracking some of the secrets, the mystery really draws you in.

The branching decisions and real moral repercussions of the choices that you take, made me doubt and second guess myself, often wondering 'but what if...' and consequently replaying over and over (and over) again, to experience the multiple perspectives of the complex characters and find the answers that I was looking for. The soundtrack is also beautifully composed and effectively complements the fantastical atmosphere of the game.. Not only does this game have a good (albeit dark) story, believable characters and decisions that actually matter, it also has a lot to its value with a huge number of endings. The only thing that irks me, though, is one particular mystery that simply makes no sense and feels like it was added mostly for the shock value. You'll know it when you see it, trust me. Otherwise, it's a great game.. Pros:
-You can fast forward through previously played scenes.
-The art is beautiful.
-Diverse characters.

-I did not care for any of the characters.
-The dialogues are very long and tiresome. I actually started falling asleep while playing once.
-The story is not compelling.
-Not as interesting as Cinders, another game by these devs.. quot;Solstice" is an amazing experience.. a gorgeous visual novel with a staggering amount of choices and alternative dialogue (you'll know when you come across a point where you could've heard something different when a little branch appears in the upper right hand corner). Definitely worth replaying to take on different goals/ personalities and see what unfolds.
It's very interesting to play as two characters (and you can choose how closely they work together). They both have distinct personalities, which makes them interesting to learn about, alongside the NPCs. I appreciate the helpful journal that keeps track of the NPCs & important points - makes it easier for replay as well.
I love that romance options are on the table but not a necessary development & that a queer relationship is possible <3

I loved "Cinders" and eagerly anticipated the release of this game - and MoaCube doesn't disappoint! I hope they keep at it in the same universe ^_^. Degenerate.. Nice VN. Everything about it is well done. I have nothing bad to say about it. Well written, engaging characters, interesting story, and a smooth presentation with plenty of nice touches. And of course plenty of choices to influence the story.

Also, it look a few minutes in for me to realize that this was made by a dev who made another VN I've played through here on Steam. That one was also good.. The game is good.
I usually start being sceptic when I see great graphics on a visual novel.
I mean, if you got no story, you might try to lure people with great artwork and music.
And in the end the visual nove experience becomes a great disappoinment.
Because the content is not good.
Not here though.
This is an exceptional game, made with a lot of devotion and love.
As a gamer I can tell.
As a developer I can tell too.
The game visual art is unique and superb and it collaborates in harmony with particles used. I really feel the struggle not to overdo it there.
The music is simple as it should be. It is magnificent and fits well with the whole artwork, helping you dive in the game world, like the water helps you slide on a waterslide.
The sound fx are great too. I just want to mention some volume differences that might seem odd to some people, specifically barking dogs could be a little less loud than they are, but that was not a critical mistake or something.
I am currently in Chapter 2, making decisions all the time and taking a branch of the story. Almost all the characters are well thought and placed to the story, I feel that the two protagonists are forced by fate to meet each other, but on the other hand it is GREAT novelty and cool idea to see things by two people than one.
I really have enjoed the game so far and I believe that it deserves your attention.
I find the price of 18 Euro a little odd for a visual novel, but thinking of the business, the people involved and the end result, it seems like a decent price. If you are a fan of visual novels and play the game through the many branches, I believe it will worth the price and for sure, even playing it once, it seems a great experience.
I will update the review after finishing it.
. Good story, MoaCube never dissapoints when it comes down to visual novels.. Solstice is a well-written fantasy mystery game. The diverse cast of characters is fantastic, and as the story progresses, you uncover how complex each character can be.

I think the variants of each ending are what makes this game shine. Though it is tedious to restart the game to get each variant, the epilogues for each character are shaped by the decisions you make and the personalities you give the protagonists. At first my goal was to foil the saboteur and fully save the city, but after uncovering its secrets, I started to change my mind and question what was really the "best" ending. That's some good writing.

The romance parts weren't that interesting to me and felt a bit thrown in just for kicks. But romance wasn't an aspect that I really cared for anyways, so it was just a minor grievance.

And not to mention the art, music, and game interface! The aesthetics of the game are absolutely stunning, from background and character art to the smooth menus. A nice change from the clunky menus I'm used to in most other visual novels. I was also pleased with the music - each piece blended in well with the scenes, and I didn't find it too repetitive or annoying (as with some other visual novels). In fact, there are some tracks that I especially like.

Overall, I highly recommend Solstice if you like a good story with grey endings. It's not a life-changing visual novel, but it's a high-quality piece of art that is worth a pretty penny. Thanks so much for creating a lovely game.

Fixed ghosts achievements:
Fixed ghosts achievements. Now empty cubes are determined specifically..

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