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Sit On Bottle Patch 8 Download

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About This Game

"Sit on bottle" - is a game about ordinary factory worker, whose job it is to sit on horizontally laid bottles. So, that would not lose - click with the left mouse button on the bottle until it is horizontal. The worker did not want to sit on a vertically placed bottle!
Key features:
- Humor.
- Christmas decoration.
- The possibility of improving the interior and appearance of the player.
- Endless game mode, but with every second the Assembly line with the bottles is moving faster.
- Achievements. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Sit on bottle
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Hardcore Studio
Hardcore Studio
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP and newer
  • Processor: Athlon 2 X3 450
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce EN9600 GT
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


You sit on bottles in sit on bottle, can confirm.

https:\/\/\/MPV241c6TYU<\/a>. https:\/\/\/watch?v=7-BucuOLP1c<\/a>

Made me question what it is I'm doing with my life.... If I ever needed more bottle sitting expreience I don't think I would find a more appropriate simulation. The graphics kept my mind stimulated continuously though I felt that more bottle options would have kept me entertained for perhaps another 300 bottle sittings.. Please. God please, spare yourself.

You may be entranced by the game name. The trailer, making the game appear humorous. You could be an achievement hunter, like myself, and be attracted by the Achievement Scouts curator saying you can complete this in 10 minutes. Of which, you can get 10 of them in one minute (press q on the main menu a few times, play a game, you'll have enough money to buy everything<\/span><\/span>.) You could be lured to the game from the 90% sale - bringing the price down to 49 cents.

I'm here to warn you. Absolutely none of that is worth it. Some of it is lies. Slander.

You enter the game, and you think you're doing okay. You click bottles until it randomly chooses to go horizontal. It seems annoying, but it goes quite slowly. You (related to other spoiler) hit Q a couple times and see your money, you buy out the shop<\/span><\/span>. The achievements flow. You're thinking this could just be a funny, quick completion to show off to your friends.

And then... you struggle. The game goes faster, and god decides that you're a heathen. A heretic. No matter how many times you click the bottle, it will never go horizontal. When it does, your reflexes decide to click again. And it moves. You hear the minecraft hurt noise, for the millionth time. "YOU SAT ON A BOTTLET" comes up on your scream. You're filled with hatred. Pure anger. Begging for scraps, desperate for this to be over. You keep doing it. You're trapped. The 10 minutes was a lie. You're an hour and a half in. It doesn't feel like it'll ever happen. You click away, hoping that this time, you finally get lucky. But at what cost? You've sunk your time into this mess, you've given the devs exactly what they want. A quick buck. You've become a part of their system. And you couldn't feel worse about it.

And then you put it off until tomorrow and get 40 first try the next morning. Promptly uninstalled the game.

(actual short review: don't get this game lol, it is as infuriating as i make it out to be. it truly did take me this long to get all achievements in a game with no more than 5 minutes playtime. every gameplay mechanic is flawed, from the randomization to dying in one hit. it's by ZERO means ready for steam. this is currently the worst game in my steam library, imo (not worst on steam as a whole.) if you want a 0.49 gag gift, look elsewhere. i recommend the title 'save jesus')<\/span>

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