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Shake Your Money Simulator 2016 Hacked

Shake Your Money Simulator 2016 Hacked

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About This Game

"Shake Your Money Simulator 2016" is the newest spend-money simulation which will teach your wallet to hide money from your eyes . Besides , this is a first game 5d3b920ae0

Title: Shake Your Money Simulator 2016
Genre: Indie, Simulation
CharlieH, Atriagames
Release Date: 18 Mar, 2016


shake your money simulator 2016 badge. shake your money simulator 2016 badge. shake your money simulator 2016. shake your money simulator 2016

A well disguised simple clicker game.. You can buy a lot better games for this price. This is the type of game that should be free. It's a joke that they want you to pay for this. It's poorly made and it has too little content. I would enjoy playing if it was more polished. But it just looks like a memetastic cash grab. Selling these games really should be banned. Simple games can be fun, but this one isn't. The quality is lower than actual free games.. SHAKE YO MONEY. pretty good game. very monies, much rich, wow. The last thing I remember is darkness. As my car overturned on the highway, all I can remember is being dragged out onto the lonely road, then darkness. As I open my eyes, I notice surroundings that are unfamiliar to me. It is dim in the room, but I can make out a few shapes in the shadows. I try to move my arms and legs, but cannot. I struggle for a few moments, before giving up and taking note of how cold it is. I try to call out for help, but my mouth is gagged with some kind of cloth. Suddenly, the lights turn on. I look down to realize that I am dressed like a mime from the stomach down, but the bra I am wearing is not mine. I look up and see organs lining the wall, and. Is that a head? Oh my god, I have to get out, I have to get out, I. Oh, thank god, another person! He toddles up to me in a strange fashion before screaming at me to start dancing. Fearfully, I comply. The strange figure, though he is a few feet away, smells awful, his shirt streaked in what I hope isn't feces, his clothing in tatters, dirt caking his skin. His mouth cracks into a smile, his teeth missing. He reaches into his pocket, and I cringe in pain as he starts throwing change at me. The coins bounce off of my skin, leaving small welts, tears streaming from my face. The stranger moves back and forth, as if avoiding some object I cannot see, before ducking, getting back up, and starting over again. Flinching as the coins pelt me, the stranger takes this for agreement, and throws more coins at me. I fear I may die here. 2/10.

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