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Another year is coming, we are entering the golden twenties. Although not everyone has woken up from post-holiday lethargy, as you know, the SEO industry is not sleeping. Tracking emerging trends is the basis for correct, and more importantly - effective operation. What is the best way to focus your attention and what to focus on in the coming days, weeks and months? We invite you to the article in which you will find the most important SEO trends for 2020, which should be remembered by every positioner (and not only).

Worn out phrases do not need to be repeated, so there will be no speech about kings today. However, it is worth repeating that content is the basis . Basis of basics. Alpha and Omega. Positioning cornerstone. The essence of the search engine universe ... Well, maybe I went a little bit (but I'm waiting for other interesting suggestions!). In any case, a site without good content in the top 10 will not fit. Her neglect is one of the main mistakes made during positioning.


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