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Rule With An Iron Fish - A Pirate Fishing Adventure Addons

Rule With An Iron Fish - A Pirate Fishing Adventure Addons

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About This Game

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Title: Rule with an Iron Fish - A Pirate Fishing Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Sports
Kestrel Games
Kestrel Games
Release Date


Cute, pretty artwork. Witty dialogue that made me smile. A fun, silly storyline involving a cast of misfits. Mellow, relaxing music. The main game mechanic is fishing, which is not too complicated yet still requires focus. Combat (which can get a bit annoying) in the game is just faster fishing. Rule with an Iron Fish is a damn near perfect game! The only two improvements I would suggest, should you make a sequel, are 1) making the fish list searchable. It was annoying trying to find fish names in the massive list to figure out where I needed to go to catch what. 2) Have some longer term quests or tasks, even if they are just random or repeated ones. I would like to keep playing this game, but fishing without some kind of direction or goal gets boring . kinda like life.. If you plan to rush through the main questline and don't have any patience for grinding then maybe skip this one but it's perfect for those who like to take their time and try to "catch 'em all". Bright colorful graphics, fun dialog and fish puns aplenty. LOTS of different fish to collect and even hats and pets. The farming aspect is very simple but I did find the food that chases away non-rare fish to very helpful. At around 9 hours I still have several fish to collect for completion, quite a few side quests left and a final boss to fight. The "fights" are probably my least favorite part of the game but they're not too bad once you see what you need to do.. Do you enjoy pirate themes? How about fishing? How about ridiculous names for fishes? Add in a dash of mobile device play and you have this game. Do you want a long game that takes more than just over 5 hours to finish? Oh. Well, go somewhere else then. This game reminds of Harvest moon, in a mild watered down kind of way. Is it fun? Sure, it is. Is it a tonne of repetition? You bet it is! You like fetch quests? ALOT of fetch quests? Well you're in for the time of your monotonous lives! Really though, this is a cute, short game, that is clearly meant for a mobile device and not really the home PC. It's a time waster, but not much point in revisiting it once you finish the main story.. Fish Puns & LOTS Grinding, Cute artstyle, Simple controls, put in about 3 hrs already about 90% on fish collection. Still have about 6 or so side quests, story arc goes for about 2-3hrs depends on your money prowess and if your actually persuing it, I imagine getting this game for about 5$ isnt that bad of a steal. Fun store highlight pick.. This is really fun, filled with awful jokes (awful as in good :) ) such as when you get an "Amberjack" and the information about it reads: "He's an Amberjack and he's okay." The gameplay is quite basic, you click the water (and depth) and that's where the hook lands, then (when a fish is about to go for the hook) dual circles apper, the inner is marked by a circular line and as soon as the outer circle goes inside that line the colour will turn green and that's the time to click to catch the fish. (the colour is red'ish before it goes green) Depending on how rare the fish is you may also have to do a bit of a QTE as well, it is very basic and an arrow on the sreen shows up/down/left/right, so far I haven't encountered more than three directions in succession and that's only happened with for instance the mermaid and the rare fish. (the first time you encounter it it'll be one direction) These keys can't be rebound and it's either WASD or the arrow keys, as it's not about movement it is of lesser problems than in a game where it revolves around that as it seems to give you a fair amount of time as well, I haven't timed out once yet, every failure I've had with the QTE's have been me screwing it up. (as it does sort of stress you knowing you have to press the right key you're bound to do it quite I do not know how much time you really have.) There will also be some "battles" in the game, they consist of you clicking the enemis fishing line to cut it, to use the net to catch the fish they caught while it's in the air and also click some mini-subs before they hit you.adding onto that there may also appear bits'n'bobs (literally) and other things you need to build better ships, in the water.that bit is the least calm one as you have to move the mouse to click at targets here and there. I do not regret buying this at all, disregarding the few stressfull things the music's nice and calming, the gameplay is quite simple and relaxing and there's a lot of different fish to catch, hats to buy, stories to hear and so on, it's *really* nice IMHO.. This is much better than real fishing. I'm not sure why but I'm really hooked on collecting fish. sorry, bad pun. Just inspired by all the puns in this game. Overall really good, the art style is amazing, it's addictive and there is a ton of content. Would love to be able to travel to more islands, but then again I haven't unlocked everything yet so maybe there are a lot more islands.

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