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About This Game

There’s a big secret at Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots. When the inventors aren’t looking, their tiny robots go on big adventures. They never expected to stumble onto a plot so diabolical it threatened their very existence. With lasers.
It all starts when Zander - possibly the world’s most absent-minded inventor - trips over a metal box buried outside the factory. When no-one can figure out how to open it, the robots sneak out and try it for themselves. What they discover is the first step to a grand adventure, leading to a mystery as old as the factory itself.
Join the robots as they outwit mischievous children, curious animals, and dysfunctional inventors in their quest to find the truth. Will the robots solve the mystery before it’s too late?
Find out by visiting Dr. Hugo’s factory yourself!

Key features:

  • Play as 5 different robots, each with their own abilities and quirky personalities
  • Help the bots work together as a team to solve puzzles
  • Bomb, burn, push and swim your way through 17 intricately designed levels
  • Explore the hidden secrets of a crazy robot factory
  • Unwittingly meddle in the humans’ lives

Title: Puzzle Bots
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Ivy Games
Wadjet Eye Games
Release Date: 22 Oct, 2010


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A cute, story-driven puzzle game designed for an all-ages audience. The puzzles themselves are logical and fairly straightforward, rewarding the player with cute animations and scenes from a light romance and mystery story that, while not Shakespeare, are still amusing to watch.

It is short, and it's no Incredible Machine-- if you're looking for something really challenging or based on Rube Goldberg contraptions, you won't find it here. If you want something that will tickle your brain rather than tease it mercilessly, give this one some consideration.. I got this as part of a humble indie bundle ages ago and decided to start working through my game backlog with this. Like other reviewers said, it's definitely a kid's game, and it's not perfect. But it was cute and would probably keep a kid entertained for ages. Plus, the robots themselves are really dynamic, well developed characters with interesting animation, even if the people aren't.. Charming yet utterly hilarious. A real pleasure to play.. I can see why this is their only game on Steam.. I picked this game up in an old humble bundle and to be honest with you it was one of those games that just sit in my library for forever until I get bored one day and decide to see if it is any good.

I enjoyed this game, its def a silly puzzle game and seems more of a game for little kids than an adult, but I still got stuck on certain parts of it.

Idk about paying 5 bucks for the game I would suggest something more like 1-2 dollars if you can snag it when it's on sale. I had some fun hours playing it

overall I give the game a 5 robots named hero, bombchell, ultrabot, ibi, and kelvin out of 5 weird♥♥♥♥♥scientists. Good puzzle-oriented comedy adventure :)

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