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Promoting your business is far more difficult today than in 2020

Promoting your business is far more difficult today than in 2009. Increasing awareness of your brand will be more difficult given the complexity of online research and social media. Thanks to digital marketing you can match competition opportunities.

The size of your company must win in 2020 is very different from a decade ago. Rand Fishkin is one of the best marketing authorities who gives electrification speeches to NextCon19.

Founded by Rand and SparkToro, Rand is the author of the new book Lost and Founder. I have been at the forefront of search engine marketing for more than 15 years. At NextCon19, he revealed insights, data, and recommendations for successful brands on search engines and social media.

During his lecture, I presented a few tips on how to become successful in digital marketing in 2020. Use these digital marketing tips to increase your reach and conversions in 2020 and beyond.?

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