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Politics - TCWE Cheat Code For Ps3

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( Turn ON or OFF this DLC in game OPTIONS )

Players who enjoy political life and who are interested in history will definitely enjoy this DLC. Politics DLC provides a new game feature - election. But unlike many other games Arms Race - TCWE game election system works differently. Here is the link to the Cold War Era history - all politicians are real people who participated in different important moments during the Cold War Era! You can play this and help your leader to be supported by their unique experience.

To simplify the gaming experience the politicians are divided in two types of groups. One group is - Liberal and Conservatives. Another groups is - Diplomatic, Economic and Militaristic. Those types never change their politics.

During the election process you support different leaders. The faces of the leaders they support during ongoing elections are shown on the politicians cards. Politicians can change their attitude to leaders from time to time but they never change their party (Liberal, Conservatives, Diplomatic, Economic, Militaristic). During elections you need to choose three politicians that support the same leader ( one politician per each group - Diplomatic, Economic and Militaristic). Once it is done you can vote for this leader and form a new government.

From the very beginning of the game, the election capacity for politicians is limited to three open slots. You need to provide reforms and make changes in the constitution to be able to open new slots. As more slots are open there are different possibilities for a better choice during the election for both - leaders and politics. But reforms are not easy. Be careful to face negative Global Consequences when you make big changes inside of your country. Reforms and changes of constitution can be done only during elections ( as a promise of the new government ).

Another unpleasant situation can happen if you decide to vote for the same leader twice in a roll. It will bring Stagnation to your country and as a result one negative Global Consequence.

Politicians are influential people in government, even if they work for the President of the USA or the Prime Minister of the USSR they influence the leaders. Politicians affiliation to Liberal or Conservative mind thinking make changes to the leader platform. If during the election you chose three Liberal politicians your leaders platform will be - Economic. If all three leaders are Conservative your leaders platform will be - Militaristic. If there is a mix of Liberals and Conservatives in your government the platform of your leader will be - Diplomatic.

In Historic mode the leaders of your foe will be chosen by AI in historic sequence. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Politics - TCWE
Genre: Strategy
Alina Digital
Release Date: 3 Sep, 2018


Greata addition! I loved to have Putin in my team

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