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About This Game

A multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building. Get born to another player as your mother. Live an entire life in one hour. Have babies of your own in the form of other players. Leave a legacy for the next generation as you help to rebuild civilization from scratch.

Hey folks, I'm Jason Rohrer, and I've been working on One Hour One Life for more than three years. I've been doing everything myself---I drew all the graphics on paper with pens and markers, I coded the entire engine from scratch, I composed and performed all of the music, and I even made all of the sound effects. It's a very personal game, and it's really unlike anything else that's out there. It's also a huge game---over 1300 fully interactive, craftable objects already. And it's only getting bigger, with weekly updates adding new things all the time. The game was initially released on my own website in February of 2018, and over the intervening months, I released 29 updates off-Steam. I've promised to keep releasing weekly update for at least the next two years, with the end goal of making the largest, most comprehensive crafting game in history.

Okay, so what about the game itself?

First of all, you only live for an hour, where each minute marks a passing year. You join the game server as a newborn baby, and some other randomly-chosen player is your mother. You depend on her for your survival. And why will she be willing to waste her valuable time and resources to keep you alive? Because she's going to die in an hour just like everyone else, and if she wants what she accomplishes in her lifetime to have any meaning, then the next generation (aka, you) is her only hope. And if you survive into adulthood, you may get the chance to have babies of your own---other players, just joining the server---and those babies will be the next generation that gives meaning to your own life accomplishments.

Across this ever-growing family tree of generations, players are collectively conducting an enormous project: they are rebuilding civilization from scratch. The online game world starts out as a near-infinite expanse of wilderness (four billion meters wide from east to west, and four billion meters wide from north to south, with a total surface area of over 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 square meters, or 36,000 times bigger than Earth). The very first player to join the server is Eve, and she starts out in the wilderness as the root of the family tree. Eve and her immediate offspring lay the foundation for the future civilization, perhaps making a few primitive tools, cooking basic foods, and starting a small farm as they scrape out a meager existence before dying. Future generations will build on this primitive foundation, eventually mastering more and more advanced technology, including domesticated animals, metal working, permanent buildings, and transportation networks.

But as real-life history has shown, civilization is fragile. A generation that is born into the lap of luxury---on the backs of their ancestors' hard-won accomplishments---can just as easily squander their inheritance as build upon it. Key resources run out over time, so careful management, planning, and organization are necessary to prevent an inevitable collapse. Thus, the game graduates from the individual challenge of primitive survival in the early stages to a group organizational and leadership challenge in the later stages. How do rules and procedures for group survival propagate across multiple generations? What did our great grandparents have in mind for this village?

The main mode in the game involves being born as a helpless baby to another player as your mother, but you can also play with your friends as twins, triplets, or quadruplets. One baby is hard enough to take care of---any mother that can successfully take care of quadruplets deserves the eternal gratitude of you and your friends.

All of this is happening on my own centrally-managed, persistent servers, and your purchase includes a lifetime account on these official servers. After you buy the game, you can instantly connect to this world with no configuration or server set-up. It all just works. You also get access to the full source code, including the server code. Technically-minded folks can run their own private servers, or even use the powerful content editor to make their own mods.

I hope you'll join us as this sprawling civilization-building experiment continues to unfold. Many thousands of players have already collectively lived over 400,000 hours in this endlessly-changing world so far. Before the Steam release, the average playtime for each player was 17 hours, with dozens of players logging over 500 hours each, and 94% positive off-Steam player reviews. This is a deep and rich game already, and there are still hundreds of content updates to come.

No two lives are ever the same, and a new story always awaits on the other side of the [GET REBORN] button.

Jason Rohrer
October 2018
Davis, California b4d347fde0

Title: One Hour One Life
Genre: Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation
Jason Rohrer
Jason Rohrer
Release Date: 8 Nov, 2018


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>Mother ditches me in town center
>Cry for help
>Great Uncle comes to my rescue with berries
>Uncle picks me up, smiling down upon me
>Me, "dad?"
>He carries me through town, i take in the sights and people
>Reach the outskirts of town
>He sets me down with that same comforting smile, and feeds me another berry
>Uncle reaches in backpack
>Me, "mmmm more berries"
>Uncles smile fades as he pulls out a knife
>We both know what must be done
>Uncle, "shhhhhhhhh....sleep now"
>Die a slow death while Uncle mourns the loss of family and potential

11\/10 would be begrudgingly euthanized by my Great Uncle for the well being of the town again. during my first life, i was instantly stabbed and then healed. the person that stabbed me ended up getting stabbed and died. i was then given a crown, and just spent the rest of it eating berries.. I like the game a lot the only problem is that some players are toxic. i really couldn't get into this game

cool concept, but the steep learning curve i thought i could manage ruined it for me,
tried refunding it but steam is \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing stupid. The game has completely changed ever since war swords were added to the game, and the developer should update the game description because this hardly a "parenting and civilization building" game anymore. The game is brutally PVP with pointless massacres and raiding other villages for the lolz. Some people love it and others hate it -- but for me, it's a dumb game.

I bought this game because I watched Twisted's Youtube videos and I thought it was really cool that you have to work together with the next generation to make collective progress on something bigger than ourselves. When I first started, I loved the game and it was everything I could ask for. However, the PVP\/swords\/race updates in May 2019 changed everything, so don't look for videos before May 2019 to decide if you like the game.

This game is definitely not family friendly. There's little-to-no moderation in the game ("griefing is a feature" according to the developer), and you'll find all kinds of roleplay racists and toxic people. Families were recently changed to only have one skin color and speak different languages, and people will casually say things like "we don't like n*ggers here, kill them all" in lieu of the swords addition. A lot of people in the community are frustrated and calling this the "genocide\/xenophobia update."

People have been complaining and hoping that the developer would undo these changes, however the developer is insisting that these changes were intentional. The developer wrote on the forums: "What made you think it was going to be an entirely peaceful game? ...I'm killed at the end of my own trailer by a defensive robot who was guarding a city gate."

TLDR; This is a pvp game with war swords, racism simulation, and massacring other villages in raids. Don't buy this game thinking it's about "parenting and civilization building" because you will be very very disappointed.. Thumbs down because of war sword and race\/language lock update.

I bought this game to chill out and build stuff, to take care of offspring and pass something down to the next generation, not to kill or be killed senselessly and to distrust strangers and always be uneasy and on edge.

I wanted cooperation and collective achievement, not pvp griefer paradise where more and more focus is placed on zero sum gain gameplay.

To the dev: If you're going to take this game down this particular route, I think you should update the trailer, Steam description, and description on the OHOL homepage. Nowhere in any of that stuff is it communicated that this game is going to be about pvp and raiding and killing other people, or hating other races or tribes.

There is enough of this sick "build the wall" ultra nationalist rhetoric in the real world. I play games to escape that crap and explore how we can be better than that type of tribalism. What an utter disappointment.

This game seemed to be tapping into a cooperative impulse, which is really rare in online multiplayer games, and had a pretty chill community. It was a breath of fresh air and welcome change of pace. Now it seems the dev is hell bent on making this some kind of 2-D RUST clone.

No thank you!

P.S. I probably have closer to 40 hours played but Steam only shows 7 hours because I was playing the game the majority of the time using the awbz mod executable.. This game is really fun, but wait for it to go on sale whenever that will be. Also not being able to kill other players is really annoying.

Reply to the Dev comment:

I guess you can kill people, but once you do you are basically dead yourself. Would be cool if you could just do it without direct punishment from the game, so players could enforce their own law. Just like the real world.. I was enjoy this game for a few days, however there are bugs, i am no longer able to log in (log in failed)

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