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On Her Majesty's Secret Service Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Genge: Action,Adventure,Thriller





































James Bond continues his mission to track down Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. When Blofeld develops a lethal virus and threatens to unleash it upon the world unless he receives a pardon for all his previous crimes, James Bond needs to find a way to reach him and fast. He intends to marry into the biggest crime syndicate in the west in order to get information on Blofeld's whereabouts, and the trail eventually leads to a remote alpine institute in Switzerland. However, Blofeld is not as easy to kill as it might first seem, and he has ways of dealing with people who cross him...
Whilst on leave, British agent James Bond prevents a young woman, Tracy Draco, from committing suicide. Her father is the head of a powerful crime syndicate who is impressed by Bond and wants him to protect his daughter by marrying her. In exchange he offers Bond information which will lead 007 to his arch enemy Ernst Blofeld. At first Bond agrees to the deal purely to fulfil his objective to kill Blofeld but later he grows to love Tracy but when the British learn that Blofeld plans to destroy mankind with a deadly virus, 007 is torn between his loyalty to his county and his intent to marry Tracy.
At 140 minutes, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) represents something of both a departure and a finale for the James Bond series. Certainly, it is the longest of the Bond adventure films. But it is also the last of the stylish ultra 60s chic flicks from a franchise increasingly more bent on developing elaborate gadgetry and caricatures instead of characterizations. After Sean Connery's contract elapsed, producers Cubby Broccolli and Harry Saltzman did their best to woo the bankable star back into their fold but to no avail. Presented with the daunting task of 'discovering' the next J.B., Broccolli and Saltzman eventually settled on fashion model, George Lazenby who had yet to add film work to his list of professional credentials.

Fearful that Lazenby would be a jolt to the system and the franchise, the pre-screen poster art featured a faceless Bond as part of its marketing campaign. What most people forget today is that OHMSS is probably the single most detailed and fully realized Bond film in the entire series. For it treats the character of Bond, not as the cardboard cutout of a superman, but as a genuine human being with very real needs to love and be loved.

From the onset the film is careful not to replicate Connery's persona in Lazenby's characterization. In a plot entanglement very much reminiscent of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, Bond is assigned the task of wooing sexually frigid Contessa Teresa 'Tracy' Vincenzo (Dianna Rigg) by her father, shipping magnet, Draco (Gabrielle Ferzetti). Although Bond and Tracy's initial meeting is both disdainful and action packed – the eventually romance that blossoms between them is quite genuine and moving. But before Bond can pop the question, duty calls by way of impersonating Sir Hilary Bray. Bray, it seems, is scheduled to have his coat of arms reviewed by a respected personage atop a mountain retreat. Instead, what Bond finds is that his old arch nemesis, Ernes Stavro Blofeld (on this occasion cast as Telly Savalas) is plotting a toxic game of mind control, using a bevy of neurotic lovelies as his hypnotized harbingers of doom.

Director Peter Hunt must be given credit for producing a very textually dense – though never boring - film that seamlessly blends all of these narratives threads. The action sequences are masterful set pieces that rank among the best in the series – including a toboggan/ski run chase and auto race that ends only after Bond and Tracy have entered a legitimate motocross event. What is, perhaps, the film's greatest oversight is that Connery could not have been persuaded to partake in this outing.

As Bond, Lazenby is decidedly more wooden than Connery. And yet, removed from Connery's hype – Lazenby is quite adequate in the role. His emotional response to Tracy's murder is a highpoint that neither Connery nor Moore ever achieved in the role. Yet, there is no denying that in keeping with the history of Bond as a character, Lazenby is something of a road show distillation, instead of becoming iconic and galvanic in the part. When all was said and done, OHMSS was a modest success at the box office, but a decided disappointment to the franchise when compared to the previous receipts for Bond films. Hence, Lazenby was out and Connery reluctantly returned for the next Bond outing, Diamonds Are Forever.

MGM/UA's transfer on OHMSS is quite pleasing. Colors are rich, saturated and well balanced. Contrast levels appear somewhat bumped up during several sequences with blooming whites and pale blacks. Overall, however, the picture fairs very nicely with fine detail realized throughout and a general lack of age related artifacts. There are a few instances of edge enhancement but nothing that will distract. The audio is mono – a genuine disappointment. Extras include a very thorough documentary on the film and its place in the Bond canon, audio commentaries, some promotional junket materials and the film's theatrical trailer. George Lazenby's first and final movie as Bond is the finest ever made. True, he may not have had Connery's man charisma, yet he was still very talented. The ending of the movie surprised me as it was unexpected. Telly Savalas is very good as Blofeld and I consider him to be the best actor to play the role. Diana Rigg acts very well too. I wish there were more Bond girls like her. Overall, a good movie to watch if you haven't seen it.
This is the Bond flick blessed with the best plot, a genuine sense of emotion and a spirit closest to Ian Fleming’s novels.
5. The studios netted $32.4 million of the $87.4 million gross as their share.
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