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About This Software

This utility is designed to create textures used in computer games.
Conventional photos or images you can easily convert to maps diffusemap, normalmap, specularm 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Photo Editing, Utilities
Aurora software
Release Date: 5 Dec, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage:


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Wow! I bought this before the last few updates. Loved it then but held off on a review until it was polished out. Not only is it an amazing price, but this is a really good program to with lots of features. Much easier than other pbr and texture programs. It even has a "helper" button now which seems to describe every button you hover over. For this price it is a must have if you are into texturing.. Wish I could leave a good review but I cant. Software crashes every time I try to add an image larger than 1024X768. Its just not what is needed in todays world. There is no training or information videos on how to use the software? Not even online can I find one video with a step by step process in any language other than some elevator music playing in the background with other versions of NORMALIZATOR other than the one I purchased. What can I say other than this seller just can not support the product. Its a million dollar idea with a 5 dollar manual. Just dont have the time to guess how it works. Not worth 10 bucks.. This is one of the worst programs I have come across yet. The only file you can import is .X file. They should make it so you can import objs and fbxs! Don't buy this program! I don't think there is anyway to export a file either.. I could not attach one diffuse map. Spent half an hour of it constantly crashing to desktop. Talked to dev, redownloaded it and used it as per instructions (no .TIFF) Used it to for another 25 minutes, and discovered it's really, really basic. Yes, It does make normals, gloss, AO etc, but no better than going into photoshop and doing it yourself. I prefer shadermap 4.0 to this product.. It would be a nice an easy program to create normals, if it wouldn't crash. Once the program crashes, not even restarting the PC solves the issue. It needs to be uninstalled.

PUBLISHED FEATURE GUIDE : Today, the first edition of the manual was completed. Read it in our community - FEATURE GUIDE This guide will help you get comfortable with the functionality of our application. Enjoy.. 5 projects for view : These five projects are created from 1 or 2 images (size 10241024) which were not edited in third-party programs. Some layers contain images from other layers with the result of applying filters. You can download them and see the links below. rusty tile project link [] hot metall project link [] ice project link [] Molten inside project link [] pressure meter project link []. Change in value : In connection with the development of a new product, I reduce the cost of the application, and suspend the further development of NORMALIZATOR.. QUICK HOTFIX 09022018 : I fixed the error that appeared when loading a project containing a "contrast" filter. Now everything is all right. Please update the application. Update 492.2 kb (very small). QUICK HOTFIX : Quick fix, removed semitransparently in the saved texture NORMALMAP (alpha channel contained height maps) now alpha channel = 255. Sorry if this caused you confusion while saving the result.. V 22122017 update : Today a small update has been uploaded - V 22122017 Corrected: Load and save the project. Now the default directory for saving and load of the project is the "/ Projects" folder in the application installation directory. Added by: The name of the current project is displayed in the upper right corner. Added a test project demonstrating work with the alpha channel. The name of the project is "10122017.nproj"

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