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Noctropolis Download] [Crack Serial Key

Noctropolis Download] [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

In a world where comic books are real - The final issue is Evil!

In the City Of Darkness, where the spirit of the times is an insatiable lust for flesh and blood, a hero stands alone. You are Darksheer, and your nemeses will stop at nothing: the vampiric Succubus, Tophat the Magician, the masochistic Master Macabre and their demonic allies have joined forces to indulge in fantasies of carnage worthy only of the end of time. Night Dive Studios presents Noctropolis, a beautifully rendered, adult graphic adventure about the grisly things you dream.

New Enhanced Edition for Steam!

  • High-quality, remastered OST
  • Original bonus Comic Book included
  • Improved mouse support - You can rebind left and right click function to any mouse button; scroll wheel can be used to navigate in-game menus and comic books
  • Improved keyboard support - You can rebind virtual left and right click keys; page up and page down act the same as the mouse scrollwheel. Can use number keys to make choices during dialogue trees. Can adjust sensitivity of virtual pointer.
  • Support for modern displays with ability to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • SDL 2.0 Game controller support added, with rebinding and sensitivity controls supported.
  • Several game crashing bugs from the original code were fixed.
  • Dead-end situations in game play were removed.
  • Optional linear texture filtering.
  • Three-band equalized, filtered sound mixer.

Title: Noctropolis
Genre: Adventure
Flashpoint Studios, Nightdive Studios
Nightdive Studios
Release Date: 1 Jan, 1994


  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 10
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 100% DirectX compatible graphics
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX compatible card or onboard sound


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Noctropolis holds a very special place in my heart.

When I was younger, my father bought our first family PC. It was a "Tiny" computer with a pentium 100mhz and either 4\/8mb ram.
When looking for games i found Noctropolis in the cheapo section and I could afford it with my pocket money. So I bought it!

I spent so many hours trying to complete the game, in my youth i struggled to complete this game, but loved the story.

Noctropolis is a point & click with fmv scenes integrated into the game, it is a brilliant old school game with fantastically drawn out scenes with a story line that will ultimately blow your mind.

Although the ending you can see coming from several miles away, the lead up to the end and the quirky characters all the way through are sublime.

The actors in game are all FMV sequences integrated into the scene. They are super cheesey but make the game amazing. **spoiler** if you do complete the game there are a bunch of bloopers at the end credits **spoiler**

who gives a * about graphical quality, this game is older than most of the gamers out there today!
If your put off by its looks and instantly dismiss this game please uninstall steam and dont come back. There are plenty of games out there that lack graphic quality which have better gameplay & stories than the AAA titles so stop being naive.

the music, well the music takes me back to the old autoexec.bat where you used to have to "SET BLASTER" and setup your midi ports and interrupts. Its quirky & old but fits the game perfectly.

This game is a must for any comic book fans who love a good point & click.

for under \u00a310, this game is definitely worth a buy, I completed it in about 4hrs but I could remember about half of the game already.. I loved the hell out of this game when I originally had it on CD Rom. I mean, it's an adventure game in an original comic book universe! Heck, the main character is LITERALLY sucked into a comic book. However, even back then, I realized it:

-Had really confusing, moon-logic puzzles.
-An uninteresting mystery that only becomes progressively nonsensical (even by bad comic book standards)
-Incredibly hokey full-motion-video acting. Like, even Adam West's Batman would look at this and think, "Wow, this is campy."

And yet...there's something charming about the game. It's charming in a low budget b-movie. Yeah, it has a lot of problems, but it's oddly entertaining. The cheesiness in the FMV acting is never dull.

Noctropolis hasn't aged well, but if you're in the mood for something genuinely campy, maybe check it out during a sale.. Extremely oldschool and yet still very much fun today. Aged surprisingly well for a FMV adventure due to the comic theme.. Great old school FMV! This game brings me back to 1995. When I played this game 20-22 years ago It seemed great fun, but it's not held up very well. There are some good bits still, and a few puzzles that do make sense, but a lot that don't which was kind of how it worked back then. Unless you're mad for retro point and click, and it is on a sale, don't bother.

. I came across this game not so long ago and was very glad to see some gems still left unrevealed for me.Noctropolis is the city covered by night,mysterys of people`s sins and saints looking for the blink of light in it`s darkness.Real actors play along with very interesting story and great music make this game very atmospheric.If you want to trip into futuristic adventure,like detectives or you are Tex Murphy fan(it reminds me alot of Tex),or just about to play another point&click... this is just the right game.. I hate Point and Click games where you can make fatal mistakes and only notice it 2-3 hours later. This is one of those games you basically have to play with a walkthrough. Sorry, but I refund it.. Holy hell, I remember having had this on Cd way back in the days, back when FMV adventure games were the rage. So glad I found this one again!

It is not without its flaws, it does suffer from the same 90's adventure game logic in certain parts, and there are a lot of instant death\/game over scenes, but over all, it is a very<\/i> enjoyable game.

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