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Original Title: No Contest

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller



















































Andrew Dice Clay takes over a hotel during a beauty pageant taking several pageant contestants hostage since one of them is a rich senator's daughter.
A beauty contest turns into a hostage situation, when the Miss Galaxy competition is taken over by a gang, demanding a ransom of diamonds. Sharon, a kick-boxing actress, is the host of the show, and the thorn in the terrorists side.
Andrew Dice Clay and Shannon Tweed star in this film that is a action film, but like dice's Ford Fairlane, is a funny film past all of it's action. Tweed and Dice make a good pairthe heroine and villain. Not exactly the best acting, and no nudity from Tweed made me feel bad, but what can you do. Because with dice (in a action film so bad it is a hilarious comedy) you can't loose. A-
Wow! It sounds great. All these helpless beauties being held for ten million dollars ransom by Andrew "Dice" Clay and his henchmen. What you actually get is cartoon-like, mindless mayhem, and an hour and a half of nonstop nonsense. If it's supposed to be a parody, where are the laughs? With zero character development, no logic to the script (the usual automatic weapon close range misses abound), and high tech foolishness everywhere, the movie is both stupid and tedious. The only redeeming factor is the presence of Andrew "Dice" Clay, who transforms his condescending persona into a pretty fair villain. Everything else, including Shannon Tweed,the heroine, is forgettable. - MERK


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