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NASCAR Heat 3 Download For Pc [PC]

NASCAR Heat 3 Download For Pc [PC]

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About This Game

There are more ways to race than ever before in NASCAR Heat 3! Jump into the enhanced Career Mode, where you can build your own race team and compete in the all-new Xtreme Dirt Tour. Prove that you are the best racer in the world in the all new Online Tournaments feature. At-track stories now mean that anything can happen on race day, just like in real-life! Plus, all your favorites are back and better than ever, including Split Screen, Challenge, Championship, 40-player online, and more. Buckle up! NASCAR HEAT 3 is the racing game you’ve been waiting for!

•Xtreme Dirt Tour - In addition to the 3 NASCAR National Series (NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, NASCAR XFINITY Series, and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series), players can sling some mud in this all-new dirt fantasy series.

•Online Tournaments - Compete against others from across the globe in daily and weekly tournaments. Lay down a great race time and qualify for the Finals in your skill bracket. Win your bracket for ultimate bragging rights.

•8 New Tracks - 8 all-new dirt tracks, including dirt racing at Bristol Motor Speedway and NASCAR Heat’s first ever dirt road course. The final Charlotte Roval layout and the overhauled ISM (formerly Phoenix) Raceway have also been added.

•Deeper Career Mode – Make a name for yourself in the all-new Xtreme Dirt Tour and advance to NASCAR’s 3 National Series. Sign contracts with some of the biggest teams in NASCAR or start your own team, build your own staff, and see if you can bring home the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

•Stories – Before the green flag waves, get live-updates on your race. Watch as a driver gets sent to the back for a technical violation. Get updates on who’s having a good weekend, and who’s struggling.

•Racing Line – Practice now includes a racing line that gives real-time feedback on the optimal line and speed to run at your current track.

•AI Enhancements – AI pit behavior has been revamped. AI difficulty has also been tuned to provide a challenge to players off all skill levels.

•Pre-Made Car Setups – For those who want a faster car, but don’t like tuning in the garage, NASCAR Heat now offers 9 pre-defined car setups, including 3 loose and 3 tight setups.

•Plus, so much more… 7ad7b8b382

Title: NASCAR Heat 3
Genre: Racing
Monster Games
704 Games Company
Release Date: 7 Sep, 2018


Was super hyped about this when I saw the new dirt tracks but after playing, the cars didnt handle very well and theres not near as much customizability that I hoped for, so then after being incredibly dissapointed about the Late Models I tried out the NASCARS which also have a very unrealistic feel and even with full collision turned on you take little damage from just about anything. didnt take long for me to just get board and request a refund. for a 50$ game it is pretty dissapointing. It's difficult to review, as the gameplay itself is really fun and it's a good solution for a single-player oval racer. Now, my main reason for not being able to recommend this is that Monster Games/704 doesn't really seem to give a♥♥♥♥♥♥about anything. They're going to keep pumping out these games (they'll be better each time) each year and not bother making updates to the current product. The wheel support is shoddy, like I literally have to set my wheel radius to 270 degrees to actually get 900 degree steering, it's laughable and it also a bug that will never be fixed.

Now, if you enjoy a more casual racing game and play with a controller and set the difficulty lower, you'd probably enjoy this game. I do enjoy most of the game, but couldn't possibly give it a good rep with the non-existent support they provide.. If you're a real fan of NASCAR then purchase this game. This game is GOOD !! I'm trying to understand how people can't see all of the little details in this game. The AI is damn good better than most humans I've raced. You have cautions guys ! What game gets cautions right ? You have every track. You have every driver. All 3 top series. Tons of options for settings. Stages, difficulty, length of race.
This isn't iRacing guys. iRacing is a niche racing experience. Its not trying to please a wide audience. Besides if you were to get all of the content included in this game (tracks, different series cars, not counting no official paint schemes) on iRacing you would be talking hundreds of dollars. Not counting the subscription fee.
Oh and I'm using a Thrustmaster T300GT w/ pedals and it works flawlessly. Make sure to adjust your degree of rotation and force feedback. FFB default strength is kind of weak. I've also tried Xbox One controller, that too works perfectly.

I'm not going to go into detail on every aspect of the game but as a fan of NASCAR, this game represents the sport I love pretty well. I truly believe 704 has done a great job of progressively making a pretty awesome game for a motorsport that really didn't have one at all.

. Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle. NASCAR 4ever. I wanna say go and get it, but i just can't recommand this one. It's fun for a bit but once you start playing it for a while it just becomes so boring. career mode is better then nascar heat 2 but once you have a team and maxed out you will kill the other drivers on track. Online is still a hot mess. It actually got worse then heat 2. The netcode is god awful in this title. Heat 2 had a bit but it was rare. This game its like every other hit.

This game isn't horrible but god it is so boring and honestly if you can go out and buy nascar 15 or the older titles.. This game has some flaws like no caution replay (even though you can see SOME wrecks) and pretty... awful physics, but it's an arcade game. The driving, the AI, and even the rivalry system have greatly improved over the last year and you could tell they really tried to improve the game! There was a problem when I first started with the Thrustmaster T80 I have, but there's a simple fix to that: to reset all of your settings and manually click or choose your prefrences under options and controls. Here's something though, I didn't play this for 33 hours, it was just open and not in use for almost half the time lol.. There seems to be a lot of hate already. The game is not perfect, and I understand that saying they're a small company with a small budget might be getting old, but honestly, I think this is still an improvement from Heat 2. The dirt racing is great. A lot of things are simliar to Heat 2, but I just feel that the Devs actually care about what they are putting out. Which yes, most of us will agree-- maybe even the devs themselves-- that this game is no where near the NASCAR games of ten years ago, but it is consistently improving, and it is a hell of a lot better than anything ETX put out there. This game does have many faults, but if you are a fan of NASCAR, you should have no problem finding enjoyment somewhere in this game.. its a good game to play with my friends

NH3 Update #1 - Released:
Hello all. We've just released our first Steam Update. Here are the build notes:

- Fixed custom setups being allowed in lobbies that are not supposed to allow them.
- Added Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to the NASCAR Xfinity Series roster.
- Improved force feedback for steering wheels.
- Added skid sounds when driving on dirt.
- Career: Added option to sim races.
- Career: Can choose paint job when driving someone else's car.
- Career: Added manufacturer display to sponsor cards.
- Career: Added manufacturer description to agent recap.
- Career: Can access car paint kit for custom cars.
- Career: Can access the character editor from the career home screen.
- Career: If you make the playoffs, you earn an invite to a team in the next league.
- Career: display upcoming tracks when setting work plan.
- Career: Tuning adjustments.
- Performance improvements.
- Fix crashes in career mode.
- Fixed tire wear at Eldora in dirt league.
- Fix issue where cars would occasionally appear all black in car chooser.
- Fix crashes in car editor and character editor.
- Fix wheels appearing without cars briefly at start of multiplayer races.
- Fix stages at the Roval.
- AI: Adjust pitting behavior at some tracks.
- AI: Various improvements.
- UI: Various improvements.
- Scaled down replay overlay art.
- Fix slowdown during some challenges.
- Other fixes and improvements.. NASCAR Heat 2 Removal:
NASCAR Heat 2 will soon be removed from the Steam Store. For those who have already purchased Heat 2, you can continue to play, including all the game’s online features. NASCAR Heat 3 will continue to be available for purchase, and we look forward to bringing you more new NASCAR titles in the future. Thank you.

-704Games Company

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