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Moto RKD Dash SP Portable

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About This Game

Classic 80s motorcycle racing for the next generation. Blaze across the 9 beautiful locations of Moto RKD Dash universe: from 'Zenith Hill', through 'Ocean Gate' all the wa 5d3b920ae0

Title: moto RKD dash SP
Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation
Release Date: 3 Jun, 2016


moto rkd dash sp. moto rkd dash sp

It's pretty fun, especially for the price.. So refreshing! You think about nothing than the game when you try to win, so addictive!. This game is so fun! Its basically a fast paced dodging game, not a racer, as you don't really control the speed of the bike. Pros: Fast Paced Simple casual game experience Beautiful to look at Music is generally pretty good Level design and difficulty curve is interesting, especially the asian themed level. Cons: At the moment its a bit too easy, I am no expert gamer but I managed to finish it on 4th play though. So not a lot of replay value. But at this price its hard to complain too much. Hopefully some updates will add difficulty modes or other game modes to give it a bit more replay value.. Graphics, music and gameplay mechanics consist a solid arcade race experience!. Option system not really working good under Linux, can't see what choices are made there, they disappear. The game itself was really shallow, not at all what I expected from reading the reviews and watching the videos/screenshots. Doesn't feel like a complete game.. Original and simple motobike racing.. It is a neat little arcade racing game, though it could last a tad bit little longer. The visuals are pretty to look at and the music is pretty catchy. I would recommend checking it out.. I already know this game from the mobile versions and I must say that this game is even better on PC. Great music Stunning visuals Great balance between challenge and casual play Simple controls Recommended for all publics.. Def worth the asking price.Just buy it. U'd be surprised for the price. A hell of alot of fun so far. 10/10 (can't ask for more or better for what it offers).. So refreshing! You think about nothing than the game when you try to win, so addictive!

September update in the works : Hey guys, im updating all the materials and the rendering system to Image Based Lighting (IBL). Im aiming at a September 'back to school' update with a new look, plus some great surprises (actually yes i think you'll like them).. New type of gameplay in the works : also a fix for the game pad issue on Linux and macOS (hopefully), but meanwhile enjoy this beautiful morning with a smile!! right click and use as wallpaper if you want :P. July Update! New gameplay mode. Controller optimizations. : - All popular Dual analog controllers should work on Windows, macOS (MFi), Linux, steamOS. If you experience any problems, please post on the boards the brand of your pad and i'll add support asap. - A new gameplay mode adds points for passing close to enemy bikes for a chance at bigger scores. Each near-miss gives 1000 points and believe me, the game gets much more interesting without being harder.. A surprise update has appeared! : Thanks to the guys playing the game and participating in the community we removed the launcher, now the game has full controller support and can be launched with a gamepad! The launcher dialog can still be accessed: - in windows, you hit Alt an instant after clicking Play and the config window will pop up (do not hold Alt while clicking Play).. Achievements and Effects : A small but nice fix for the Windows version of moto RKD dash: - Graphic filters update to: (Original, Glowing, Arcade, MegaCD (back by popular demand) - Scoring system explained Ingame! - Smooth Operator and Fresh Start fixed.. Gamepad gliches on Linux and macOS are gone!!! : The space bugs have been eliminated! Any gamepad similar to the xbox or DualShock should work on any OS. The update is coming very soon, besides the fixes, there are visual changes and an addition to the gameplay.. First 2019 update! : Once upon a time there was this little bike game.. SCORE PLUS is here! : In this new version of the game the following scoring systems are in place: - Buzz [near miss] bikes for 20 000 points each - Perfect run on level 01 gives 100 000 points - Consecutively a perfect run on level 02 gives 200 000 points - Up until level 10 where you get 1 000 000 points - bonding gives 16 000 20 000 points a second - keeping the bond for 20 seconds gives +800 000 points - The regular score multiplier for going on TURBO is still in place

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