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Mighty Action RPG Download Xp

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About This Game

This is an indie sandbox game located in an environment of an Action RPG game. The game is guided to do missions but is not lineal, since you have the freedom to choose what to do at all times.

What to expect:

-Multiple of quests located of different enviroments

-Quests based on killing enemies, collecting something of talking with someone

-Possibility of crafting

-Inventory and Shop

-Skill tree different in each character

-Multiple skills different for each character

-Skills with area damage

-Pet and summoning skills

-Dodge Roll

-Riding system 7ad7b8b382

Title: Mighty Action RPG
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Dexion Games
Dexion Games
Release Date: 12 Oct, 2017


I paid 50 cents for this but I felt it should have been even less honestly if this was made better and with more care,
i think what clinch it was after the goblin boss I used the crystal to enter a secret level the whole falling forever bit was bad and the whole controls was glitch sometime in how you boy or chat window you can't get rid off without manually figuring out the trick to close each one and the NPC and it quest simple but why do they keep there quest sign once you finish?. The game only had 9 enemies and 4 "bosses" (If you can even call them that) and the last boss is unkillable, as he does 500 damage a hit and you only do 1. The game doesnt even have sound effects for anything nor music. TL;DR The game isnt finished and its bad. It's the Dark Souls of $.99 fraudulent games. For a dollar? Not bad.
Or save up 20 of those dollars and buy a real game.
Y'know. With f*cking sound.. Good, for if it was in "alpha" process.

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