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The treasure lies at a depth of more than 100 yards. That's a job for the Mad Digger!

Once Grandpa Pecos decided to share a secret with his grandson — there's a hi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Mad Digger
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 12 Dec, 2017


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pros: Simple game, progression cons: does get repetitive All in all a decent game if your looking to burn a hour here and there. if you are looking for a more complex game this is not for you.. Can't even get to load. When I run the game (from Steam) I get the Unity loading screen, and then one that says "Please use Steam to run this game." with an Exit button, and then it will open the Steam webpage to buy the game. Don't waste your money. I had to keep opening the game and exiting to even get the 5 minutes played so that I could leave this review.. If you are looking for a motherload-like game, thne this is for you! Edit: Becomes unreasonable slow later. It takes the fun out of it.. Serious warning: Do NOT purchase from this developer. He just removed the licenses from every user who bought his game "Simple Story - Alex" from GoGo/Otakubundle (And all of the DLC, too.) His argument: He never got any money from the bundleseller, so he decided to punish the innocent customers (who payed actually money for this) by removing the licenses from their accounts. Interesting: he also announced that his games get "drastically cheaper" in the future.. It's an alright incremental game, If you don't mind a serious grind then this might be fine for you. I got to the second set of stages with the meters and i can't get past the grind just to unlock the shield. so i give up. It might be okay for someone whos spare time is more meaningless to them.. Too much farm on the second phase. The first phase is cool, but the second one is just stupidly hard. Cannot recommend this game since the achievement is nearly impossible to get and I don't want to be bored during 10 hours only to have a chance to try.

New FREE Demo Build Available!!!!! : Asari Essath, VoK Lodmor'ihs!!! It's time of BIG changes for Lodmor empire! We have just published, here on Steam, a brand new Demo build with many improvements! Here's the full changelog: - Brand new 3D Models, FX and Animations for the Archmages from House Kalinyth, Kerhar and Hallemir!!! - Full Single-Player Tutorial Campaign to learn the basics of the game and to have a taste of single player campaigns gameplay that will be included in the commercial version of the game!!! - By winning each scenario of the Tutorial Campaign, you will unlock a new Consumable Item, a new Scroll and 3 brand new summons for House Kalinyth!!! - Map of Lodmor revealed in Campaign Mode!!! - Demo Achievements activated!!! - Lv4 Neutral Summon Unlocked: Mountain Wyvern!!! This BIG summon can be played with all the released houses of Lodmor in Skirmish Mode!!! - 3 Different selectable 3D scenarios for skirmish mode!!! - Brand new FX and Gameplay for all the current released summon and spells!!! - Kaledon's Intro Track "Tenebrae Venture Sunt" from album Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness added as main theme on the Game Menu!!! BIG THANKS TO KALEDON EPIC/POWER METAL BAND FOR LET US USE THIS SUPERB MUSIC TRACK !!! - In Game (Campaign and Skirmish) music added!!! - New Pathfinding for Big Units like Wyverns!!! - Save slots activated for saving your preferred house build!!! - Brand new Artworks for summon/spell/item cards!!! - Brand new card Mottos/Flavour Text for all cards!!! - A Glossary pop-up reachable from Game Menu and Game UI containing all useful information about special effects of Summon and Spells! - Objectives tab with the current mission objective!!! - Option Panel reworked: Audio and Input options have been enabled!!! - Different Houses gameplay balancement achieved with aimed buffs and nerfs!!! - Many bug-fixing included!!! If you are pleased.. Arcane Legacy Free Alpha Demo is now online! : VoK Lodmor'Ihs! (Great People of Lodmor!) We have released our first alpha demo, playable for free, on our Steam Store page! In this demo, you can try our single player training mode against a random AI opponent.. Arcane Legacy Demo v.3 Released : VoK Lodmor'ihs!!!

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