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About This Game

A mystery puzzle adventure

Michael is an ambitious explorer searching for a secret treasure. Finding himself trapped in the dark pyramid of Khaba, a weak ra 5d3b920ae0

Title: Khaba
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Hello There AB
Hello There AB
Release Date: 12 Jan, 2015

English,German,Korean,Simplified Chinese

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boring game every puzzles are almost the same over and over lasers mirrors and opening doors. u2b50u2b50u2b50u2b50u2b50. Very reminiscent of old puzzle games in the 90's era (pre-Pentium). It's not a long game, even when completing the secondary puzzles in each level you will be done within a few hours. But it's a good price-quality balance imo. The levels themselves are not extremely difficult, though there are some headscratchers if you want to complete the secondary objectives in the later levels. Before leaving the level you can choose to hit 3 scarabs with the dark beam if you like, but not mandatory to complete a level. However, completing all scarab objectives will give you the second ending of the story, which I believe is the 'real' ending. The story is pretty bland though, not the main reason to play the game. It's just a fun puzzle game which reminded me alot of the old puzzle games I played in the 90's on my 4.86 MS Dos computer :). I'm not sure why, but I just like laser puzzle games. Khaba has a pretty cheesy story, but the puzzles are fun and not overly challenging. It's a good casual time filler.. Khaba is a very short but fun puzzle game. Using two different beams of light your goal is to manipulate those beams of light in order to open doors to get your character further into the pyramid and find the treasure. Most of the puzzles are pretty simple up until the last couple (Khaba Steam screenshots section will help if you need it). Story is pretty thin, you can see the regular ending coming for most of the game. There appears to be a second ending if you manage to collect all the green scarabs on each level, however I can't say for certain and though the puzzles were okay, I wasn't a big enough fan to spend my time trying for the scarabs. Game is fun for the most part, however for at most 5 or 6 hours of gameplay tops and no replayability I would recommend waiting for a sale.. An exceeding great game. I managed to bug the game a couple of times by managing to move pieces into places they shouldn't be able to, but you can just reset the level to fix it. This game progressively get harder but in a reasonable time scale of levels so that you don't feel as you are getting dumped in at the deep end and the game is completeable as I ran through it in just over 9hrs. I would not recommend playing it in one session like I did. I think it should be played as a casual game.. An enjoyable experience, maybe an 8/10. The voice acting was good, and there was a bit of a story. But actually, I really appreciated the stripped-down nature of this game. It's only a series of laser-and-mirror puzzles. Almost all of the levels are challenging, and some are very difficult. I'd say each level stands alone, unlike in many games with environmental puzzles, where you learn a trick at one point and reuse it later. The controls are slightly imprecise, perhaps because this is a mobile port. It's easy to accidentally bump one of the mirror-type things out of alignment and have to redo parts of the puzzle as a result. I would have also liked to be able to zoom out just a little bit further. But overall, this is a good, solid puzzler.. Really enjoyed this one. Was not what I expected at first but after the first puzzle I began to really enjoy the logic and challenge.. It's an interesting game with a set of unusual puzzles - using mirror and prism obelisks to bend light rays around to trigger runes so you can go through a pyramid. The story portion of the game is . odd. I appreciate that the writers gave the main character a backstory, but the information comes up in jagged bits as he enters each new chamber. "Hey, I figured out the chamber. If only my wife hadn't left me and taken the kids with her." After a few chambers, you uncover a god who likes to dole out bits of the pharoah's story in an omnious voice. The sequence is: wander in to a room, get a random thought from the "hero", solve the scarab part of the chamber, get a foreboding sentence or two from the god, then solve the rest of the chamber. Lather, rinse, repeat. The two sets of dialog don't mesh that well together, so it comes across as a mash-up of 2 incredible disparate Twitter feeds. Overall I liked the puzzle play, but there are a few glaring problems. 1) You can't zoom out all the way to see the entire puzzle chamber. After the first few rooms, you have to pan around to see all the parts of the chamber. Not only is this annoying and unnecessary for game play, but it's very easy to accidentally reposition an obelisk instead of moving the camera. With some of the obelisks requiring very precise positioning, having them get bumped around is monitor-punching frustration. 2) The game mechanics aren't well explained. Most of it is pretty intuitive. The scarabs, though, are not. I thought the scarabs had to be destroyed when lining up the light ray to the exit. They don't. They do need to be destroyed by the blue light, all three at once, but the light ray doesn't need to be accomplishing any thing else during that time. I wasted a stupid amount of time trying to nuke them while opening the exit from the chamber. Despite the flaws, it's a fun game that most people should find challenging with a story that is unintentionally amusing.

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