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Original Title: Truck Turner

Genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



















































Truck is a bounty hunter who gets a job to track down a guy named Gator. When he and his partner find him, a chase ensues and Gator is killed. This makes Gator's woman, Dorinda, very angry and she puts a hit on Truck. The man who agrees to kill Truck is named Blue. The question is whether Truck can survive with Blue and his gang on his trail.
Blaxploitation film about a former professional football player who becomes a bounty hunter in Los Angeles.
Carrying around a 44 Magnum that was probably bought at the same place Dirty Harry Callahan bought his, Isaac Hayes essays the role of Truck Turner, former pro-football player turned skip tracer. Hayes is not too squeamish about what he has to do to bring back a given quarry and along with partner Alan Weeks, being a skip tracer he's not bound by the rules that Clint Eastwood has to live by as a cop.

My best recollection of Isaac Hayes is as the jail house friend of James Garner in The Rockford Files. Gandolf Fitch was a man of few words and a very short fuse and next to him, Truck Turner is positively garrulous.

The first part of the film is almost lighthearted in nature as we see Hayes and Weeks go about their jobs and we Hayes's relationship with girlfriend Anazette Chase. She's a nice woman, but an incurable shoplifter that Hayes constantly has to bail out and pay the fines or the merchandise for. The end of the first half though concludes with a car chase to rival Bullitt in which Weeks is wounded and their skip trace, a pimp played by Paul Harris is killed.

After this the film changes mood so abruptly it's like watching a second film. Harris's woman and partner Nichelle Nichols wants Hayes dead and will pay anything for it and brings in a whole bunch of business competitors led by Yaphett Kotto to do the job. The second half of the film is a serious of gunfights, climaxed by a blazing shootout in a hospital.

For those who remember Nichelle Nichols as the nice Lieutenant Uhura forever with that earpiece and trying to open channels on the starship Enterprise, you won't recognize the murderous fury that's in this character played by the same woman. She steals the film from Hayes in every scene she's in. I would not want her on my case.

Truck Turner is a good action film with an astonishing portrayal from Nichelle Nichols. Star Trek fans might want to check this one out. Truck Turner (1974)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Violent, mean-spirited and entertaining blaxploitation film has Isaac Hayes playing Truck Turner, a former football star turned bounty hunter who gets a hit put out on him, which ends up getting his best friend killed. Soon Truck is tracking down the men behind the killing, which leads him to Harvard Blue (Yaphet Kotto). Apparently this AIP flick was originally written for Robert Mitchum but they decided to turn it into a blaxploitation flick after the genre started to take off in popularity. Hayes steps into the role with a certain style of coolness that certainly makes him right for the role. I don't think anyone would call him a great actor but he at least has what it takes to make this character believable and for the most part he's extremely entertaining to watch no matter if he's throwing out great one-liners, beating the heads in of racists or macking on his girlfriend. Hayes certainly fills the role of the good guy and Kotto, who many will remember as the FBI agent in MIDNIGHT RUN, fills out perfectly as the bad guy. Nichelle Nichols gets to scream some outrageous lines as a pimp and we get some cult faves like Dick Miller, Scatman Crothers and Charles Cyphers who many will remember from HALLOWEEN. The film contains some pretty strong violence and the action scenes are always entertaining if not believable or realistic. Just check out the scene at the end where there's a major shoot out inside a hospital. This entire sequence is certainly one of the high points of this genre. Also on hand is some downright crazy lines of dialogue that will certainly have you rolling. The entire revenge plot is leftover from countless other films but director Kaplan keeps everything moving at an extremely fast pace and in the end this is certainly a winning film for the genre.


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