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Hijacked: Flight 285 Tamil Dubbed Movie Free Download

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Original Title: Hijacked: Flight 285

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller







































A convicted murderer is escorted by marshals on a regular flight from Phoenix to Dallas. Shortly after take-off, two of his aides, traveling as ordinary passengers, take control of the flight and free him. He demands 20 million dollars in bonds upon landing. And a sick passenger, bad weather or mechanical problems won't stop him.
I originally watched this movie because I'm a HUGE Breakfast club fan and I wanted to see Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy work together. I'm very glad I watched, it is a great tv movie and Anthony and Ally did wonderful. Anthony in my opinion did a good job as a bad guy and you could tell he had fun doing it, although at first all I seen him as is Sweet Brian from Breakfast club so at times it was hard seeing him be mean to others and to Ally's character. So if this movie is ever on I recommend watching.
Ruthless convicted murderer Peter Cronin (well played with lipsmacking wicked relish by Anthony Michael Hall) is being transported to prison on a commercial airliner. Trouble ensues when Cronin hijacks the plane and demands twenty million in bail bonds. It's up to FBI negotiator Deni Patton (a sturdy performance by Ally Sheedy) to keep things under control.

Director Charles Correll, working from a compact script by David Peckinpah, keeps the enjoyable and engrossing story moving along at a snappy pace, generates a good deal of tension, and stages some exciting last reel action with skill and flair. The sound acting by the able cast helps a lot: Michael Gross as good-hearted disabled Vietnam veteran Ben Horner, Casey Sander as the brave Steve Paulsen, Barbara Stock as gutsy captain Veronica Mitchell, Perry Lang as hard-nosed fed Frank Layton, Hudson Leick as Cronin's loyal accomplice Shayna Loring, David Graf as an obnoxious cowardly drunk, and James Brolin as easygoing copilot Ron Showman. Moreover, Hall has a ball portraying a real evil and dangerous bad guy. Worth a watch.


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