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Original Title: Hidden Invasion

Genge: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi





































Aliens have attacked the planet Earth, and your special operations unit has been called into action. You play as the leader of your heroic team and you must get an attack on the evil aliens.
This is the first time that I have ever reviewed a video game online, yet I felt it reasonable that I do so since it only took me four hours to beat this game. I must say, for renting this game for $3.00 you somewhat get your money's worth because you can see the ending before you have to return it, but I honestly feel horrible for anyone that purchases it. To be frank, there is no need to even have a memory card for this game. Every time you die, you can just continue and beat the game within the time that I had just mentioned. So, in essence, the time built around this game is very short.

The same can be said for the development of it. For a Playstation 2 game, the graphics were horrible. They were sloppy and choppy all at the same time. I had trouble shooting, distinguishing who was the bad guy, and overall why I was spending four hours of my life on this game. The camera movement throughout the game will definitely have you cursing like a sailor within the first hour, but as just as you get used to it, the game is over.

The story is poor/pathetic without really any emotion behind it. Nearly Playstation 2's entire catalog is better than this game and I do not suggest it to anyone.

Grade: * out of ***** We can finally say that Japan, THE greatest video game country in the universe, has made a game that sucks big donkey nuts. I popped ol' suminabitch into the machine just to brighten up my gloomy day. FIRST OFF, I would like to reiterate that the graphics were so bad, it made me feel like the world had been invaded by epileptic aliens. I kid you not. The year is 2027 or something, and the world has obviously been invaded by something we can't see. You can play either of 2 future cops, each with their own stats that could make or break your game experience. There is a co-op mode on the game, but nothing to jump for joy about. SECOND OFF, I would like to reinforce the fact that the GRAPHICS WERE FREAKIN TERRIBLE. The story has been chomped up and spit out of the bowels of the people who made movies like SS Doomtrooper. Seriously, if you want to experience the world's worst, get this game.

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