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Original Title: Helpless

Genge: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Romance






































For her upcoming 18th birthday, Buffy declines the Scooby gang's offer of a big party, hoping to celebrate with quiet reflection and a traditional trip to the ice show with her father. But Buffy doesn't know that preparations are being made for a life-threatening rite of passage that drains the slayer of her powers and then entraps her with a powerful and psychotic vampire foe.
As her birthday approaches, Buffy loses her slayer powers and must do battle with a vampire who is not only extremely powerful but also quite mad.
Buffy's eighteenth birthday is approaching and things don't get off to a good start when she hears that her father won't be able to visit as planned. They get even worse when, while fighting a vampire, she suddenly loses the strength and agility that go with being The Slayer; she is lucky to survive. She reports this to Giles and he tells her that he expects her strength will return and to continue with her exercises. It soon emerges that he knows exactly why she is feeling weakened... when a slayer reaches her eighteenth birthday she must face a test... first she is stripped of her powers then she must confront a vampire and defeat it with only her wiles to protect her.

This was an interesting episode; in the early scenes it is far from apparent why Buffy is feeling weak and when we see Giles injecting her it isn't clear why... is he being controlled, has he turned bad, are we seeing a duplicate or is it something else? When we learn that it is part of a test things get even more interesting as this detail is added to the slayer mythos. The vampire she has to face is suitably menacing, and more than a little insane. There are plenty of nice touches; I particularly enjoyed the nods to 'Little Red Riding Hood' as a weakened Buffy walks home alone at night. There are of course some questions that don't make sense; most obviously why would the council risk losing a slayer who has proven herself many times over in such a test? Sarah Michelle Gellar was on particularly fine form; we know she can play the tough girl but here we see that she can also play somebody who is vulnerable and scared. Overall though I enjoyed this episode; having Buffy weakened made it more frightening even if one instinctively knows she must survive. I love this episode, it is just fantastic. I really do love it. It's interesting and unlike anything I, as a Buffy fan, had seen.

In this episode, Buffy mysteriously loses her powers, like speed and strength and she's devastated. She doesn't know what to do. She's about to turn eighteen and that's actually the reason why she loses her powers. It turns out that when a Slayer is about to turn eighteen, her Watcher, in this case, Giles, must give her a needle, filled with some kind of liquid, that takes her powers away. Then she must fight a crazy vampire and defeat them without help. How stupid is that? I guess they want to see if a normal human could defeat a crazy vampire. And as we've seen from literally every other episode, most normal humans can't get away from a vampire, and they die. Does the Watchers Council want Buffy to die? Because that's just stupid. In the end, Giles comes clean about what he was forced to do and Buffy defeats the vampire and gets her powers back.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
More time has elapsed between Buffy finding Joyce and Kralik arriving than is seen on screen. Buffy has never even seen Kralik take the pills and wash them down so Joyce must tell her about it giving her the idea.
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