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About This Game


Gravel is the ultimate off-road experience. The most extreme racing game that will let you try out amazing stunts in the wildest places on the planet!
Pure fun, spectacular scenery and no-holds barred competition where each race will turn into a memorable battle!
Take part in the wildest show on the Gravel Channel web TV, travel around the world to discover the wide variety of environments and be amazed by the visually impressive quality!
Enjoy four different disciplines – Cross Country, Wild Rush, Stadium and Speed cross – to live the driving experience with the most extreme vehicles on any type of terrain.


Take a tour around the world to discover the range of extreme and wild environments that will offer you a fully off-road experience.
There are four disciplines where you can compete with the most powerful cars.

  • Cross Country: Huge areas with different layouts, perfect for competing in checkpoint races in the most evocative landscapes. Run through a waterfall with the aurora borealis as backdrop or try the right grip in the largest deserts in the world.
  • Wild Rush: The wildest locations where you can compete in lap races. Unique environments with natural obstacles that will force you to race your way through the slopes of a mountain, on paradise islands, and through masses of debris and quarry rocks.
  • Speed Cross: Races set in the most beautiful tracks in the world. Real-world tracks, from Europe to America, where you can show your skills in incredible jumps and chicanes.
  • Stadium: Real and fictional arenas, full of jumps and spectacular layouts!

Fun and excitement are the main rules!
Gravel is adrenaline, pure fun, spectacle.
The game's physics is accessible and immediate and allows you to express all your driving skills and boldness during each competition.
Hair-raising bends, tussles, extreme jumps and treacherous terrain for an always different and increasingly dangerous gameplay experience.
There are many offline and online game modes that let you compete against human opponents!

Meet the off-road Masters and find your way on the wildest show on TV at Gravel Channel!
Six episodes broadcast from the most extreme and wildest corners of the planet to win the title of World Champion.
The Masters of the several disciplines in the game will challenge you in head-to-head races to determine who really is the best. And when the championship is over, the challenge is still not complete: take part in the final race to become an Off-Road Master. Only after beating the current titleholder you can step on the podium and raise the cup to the sky!

So turn on the TV and enjoy the first episode! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Gravel
Genre: Racing, Sports
Milestone S.r.l.
Milestone S.r.l.
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500, AMD FX-8100 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 with 2 GB VRAM or more / AMD Radeon HD 7950 with 2 GB VRAM or more
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible


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I’d like to explain to anyone interested in why I refunded GRAVEL.

I didn’t refund because it’s not a great, fun driving game conceptually. I enjoyed almost every minute I played. The races themselves work well, and the tracks are exciting and interesting, even when game physics seems rather average. (For example, numerous objects can simply be driven through as though they don’t exist.) But who wants average physics in a $50 game?

Still, had Gravel been Early Access, I’d have considered reconsidering a refund. But it isn’t Early Access.

Still, even with average physics and full-tilt release, I might not necessarily have refunded such a fun, challenging and interesting career-based racing game. However……

Playing offline, I managed to battle all the way to Level 9. Unfortunately, just after succeeding in achieving first place in a particularly challenging (for me) modified figure-eight track, then preparing to begin my next race…….my laptop died. Not Gravel’s fault my laptop came unplugged. However, I DO consider the lack of approaching shutdown notification either from or through the game to be Gravel’s fault (and certainly its responsibility.)

And what else I ABSOLUTELY consider Gravel’s fault is that even though the power loss was NOT during a game save, it cost me every aspect of my progress. Not only my nine levels, but even my racer character was wiped from existence.

So, in summary, had Gravel been cheaper and had better vehicle physics, or been in Early Access, I’d almost certainly have kept the game. But it is both illogical and impractical to play a game where, on any given day, regardless of my level of progress, I might have to begin from absolute zero.

Hopefully the day will come when I can change both my ownership status and this review.

Thank you.

(Like most Steam games, Gravel does not record offline game time.). lets start ith gravel i dont want to write a ♥♥♥♥ing essay about pro and cons:

this game bring back the day of how an arcade should be.


its a very good game from a sucha a small company worth the money. WARNING TO ALL LINUX USERS THERE IS NO VULKAN API SUPPORT, this game is fun but the Linux port is OpenGL so performance is not the best on lower end and even some mid range systems at all, just hard lock the game to 30fps, I have been enjoying this game alot but to be honest only got this to fill the gap to Dirt 4 comes to Linux.. It's real simple. This game is a blast. If you're looking for a casual racing game with variety Gravel should not be overlooked. There's plenty of cars, plenty of tracks and dlc that's continually being released. The game is easily played with a controller with controls that just feel right. Above average A.I. Multiplayer lacks a server browser, making it not much of an option unless you have friends.

The Fire and Ice DLC is over priced. However, to be fair the tracks are very well done - with a variety of terrain, conditions and lengthy course options.

Fun game. Can't wait for Gravel 2 ( if it happens ).. I'll give this games a thumbs up. It's a decent arcade racer, but don't expect anything comparable to a high budget title. The visuals are a bit lacking (but good enough), the challenge seems a little sporadic, and the quality of the tracks is, at times, questionable. However, I still enjoyed the time I spent playing, and I don't regret it. I'll likely try some other games by this company.. waw i like this game.... REcommended - but wait for price drop/sale.
This game is fun - a nice mix of arcade, but with good physics.
Nice wide and open tracks to tear it up on.
No SLI support means I can't have high graphic settings.
And the game should be a bout 50% less than the asking price.
Good game, but too pricey and no SLI ... AGAIN. Kylotonn needs to take notes, Gravel shows what a decent handling model can do for a arcade racing game. The handling model while not perfect is fantastic, the car doesn't feel too floaty, and actually feels like the car has weight, and is effected by different surfaces.

This is the game the V-rally and the current WRC games should try to be.
Also the game looks fantastic, but it's the unreal engine so it's to be expected, if you want something you can pick up, and play with a decent handling model then this is the game.

8.5\10. Great arcade racing game with beautiful graphics. As much as I really want to support them for getting Linux support in, the performance just isn't acceptable.

New HDR Patch is out now! - 10/05:

Hey everyone, after the great Ice and Fire DLC, the super-fun King of Buggies, and many updates, yesterday a new patch has been released adding HDR support. The new patch is out now. Here are the full patch notes:

• Fixed a bug that allowed duplicated crown or flags in King Run and Capture The Flag game modes.
• Minor fix on Capture the flag and King run maps.
• Improved respawn action in online game mode.
• Added option to remove AI from the private lobby
• Minor performance improvement on Franciacorta.
• Added HDR Support
• Added HDR Video Option
• Added option to change the Rumble strength for the Controller.
• Fixed an issue where online races failed to start if the application was minimized or alt-tabbed.. Gravel Channel is now live!:
Hello everyone, and welcome on the Gravel official Steam page. Since we have some time until release, which is slated for Summer 2017, please feel free to provide us with feedback on what you expect from Gravel. On our side, we would like to take you to the greatest off-road show Earth has ever seen, filled with unique and wonderful landscapes, free roaming chances, an arcade and immediate driving model, original online gameplay modes, powerful 4wheelers and much, much more.
In order to stay tuned for updates, here are some useful links.

-Official Facebook page:
-Official Instagram profile:
-Official website:

Please do join us, follow updates and provide feedback. It's goin to be loads of fun!. New gameplay available!:

Here is the latest Gravel gameplay, captured on PC with a Work In Progress build (the same that journalists had a chance to try during Gamescom).
Let us know what you think, enjoy, and be ready to #StealTheShow in early 2018! Gravel is now available for Linux and MacOS:

Even for Linux and MacOS players it's time to start the most adrenalinic challenge on four-wheel.
Finally Gravel will also be available for these operating systems. Are you ready to drive among the wildest places in the world?

Gravel is waiting just for you to live the most exciting off-road gaming experience ever.

Jump up and start giving gas!

. DLC Plan unveil:

We're all thrilled to announce the first premium DLC for Gravel: Ice and Fire, available from the 28th of March.
A brand new Cross-country map set in Iceland, including 10 brand new checkpoint tracks, a new career episode and new events featuring extreme snow tracks in three different settings: Coast, Mountain and Valley.

We've been very happy with how you guys received the game, and we plan to keep supporting it with free and premium DLCs. Here's the full schedule of release from here to June. Let us know what you think ;)
. Wild Rush gameplay in Polynesia!:
And we're back with another gameplay, off-road fans! This time it's all about racing in a Wild Rush event, set in the wonderful track of Blue Paradise in Polynesia. Enjoy!

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