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Title: Drum Simulator
Genre: Audio Production, Utilities
Music Breath
Music Breath
Release Date: 21 Dec, 2018

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian

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Neat game, fun to play around with, but the learning mode is too hard to keep up. Unlike Guitar Hero where you anticipate the notes by a lot more, you'll find yourself scrambling to hit the right keys. Fix that and I'd enjoy it alot more, but right now not worth the money.. Nice idea, and it is responsive, but. Learning mode is really no different from "game" mode. and there seems to be little variation. You get lulled into focusing on kick and snare for way too long. You're asked to trigger based on glows, not the actual song, which is counter-intuitive, especially if you have ever tried playing drums for real. The keyboard setup is awkward enough as is, but the nature of this system just emphasises that awkwardness rather than encourages you to learn how to use individual fingers for individual patterns/rhythms. With proper implementation, this could be a really good finger/typing trainer. As it stands, it has only been developed up to a novelty standard.. I find an interface and interaction very clean, accurate and beautiful for the user, however, there are things that should be improved. For example: The way of learning does not work much, imagine that people are experienced or not in terms of the drum. The learning mode simulates the mechanics of Guitar Hero, only that many times it is very fast, should exist beginner, intermediate and advanced where in beginner the song does not continue until the user does not press the key corresponding to the sound of the drum necessary, but it is not, in this mode only says that key and drum press, but if you are wrong or do not carry the same rhythm the song continues, which does not serve its purpose of "learning mode." The idea is not to add score points, it must be to be able to learn. I have another suggestion and is in terms of the resolution of the screen, there should be window mode so you can put any external song either YouTube or track that you have in the computer, however, does not allow which I find irrelevant in terms of m Odo of "Free style", what are you going to play if it doesn't allow you to interact with external songs? It's a nonsense to the mode of free style. And finally as for the keys that activate the drums and cymbals should allow to configure them to taste and not that are already defined by the application, there are combinations that become more comfortable for the user and yet can not put. I expect an update soon because it pays for this application with great faith in this project, but it is running short for what it costs; Taking into account that there are services like virtual drumming that allow all these functions that mention and it is online and free or other applications of the cell phone that the same one possesses. This is a constructive critique for what they could improve at the moment, in the future they could put different types of rhythm learning, etc. But the main thing is that they fix this so basic.

New version with improved graphics quality is coming soon. : I apologize for the long develop delay. Thank you for your waiting.. New version with improved graphics quality is coming soon. : I apologize for the long develop delay. Thank you for your waiting.. Today's game is released. : After a long review, the game has finally been released. If you give me an idea, I will apply it to the game within a month.. v4.0 patch note : Gag & blindfold has been added to bonus stage.. Seirei v5.3 patch notes : Added glow filter switch button to option. Mouse cursor does not exit in window mode. Bonus Scene are skippable. The girl keeps a certain distance from the player. Ball gags are also available on the playground.

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