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Download Shipment To Beirut Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4

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Original Title: Shipment To Beirut

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery,Sci-Fi




































Max must retrieve some secret plans that are sewn into a dress according to a model.
It just goes to show when an actor is well cast, such as Lee Bergere as KAOS fashion designer Richilieu, he's good. When he's cast as Abe Lincoln in "Star Trek" he's bad.

KAOS is trying to sneak the plans for a supersonic bomber to Beirut. Max gets a tip from model Miss Spencer (Judy Lang) that KAOS is using Richilieu Fashions as a front to smuggle the information out of the country. But when Max calls in an M-4 Raid, mobilizing all of CONTROL, they can't find the information or the model, only a plastic mannequin that looks amazingly like Miss Spencer (in fact it is Miss Spencer, having been killed and coated with a hard plastic spray, giving this episode a nice grizzly edge to it).

99 goes undercover as a fashion model, and she and Max get to do a nice "If we find out when and where, we'll know who and why..." exchange, courtesy of former Abbott and Costello writer Arne Sultan. Adams also gets a funny scene as he used the badly thought out secret communicator, the "cologne phone".

In the end, Max not only stops the micro thread from going to Beirut, but he also saves 99 from being turned into a permanent mannequin...though he can't do anything for poor Judy Lang, who gets turned into a mannequin in this only to go on to be turned into a vampire in "Count Yorga, Vampire"!

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