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Dissembler Ativador Download [cheat]

Dissembler Ativador Download [cheat]

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About This Game

Dissembler is a subtle puzzle game about unraveling playful, abstract designs one color at a time. Flip pairs of tiles to make matching color groups vanish, but that's where the resemblance to a standard match-three ends. In Dissembler no tiles will drop in to replace the ones you have matched: your task is to remove all tiles and leave behind a clean slate. The experience starts simply, leading you gently from basic principles to more and more complex puzzles, and before long it will require careful planning and lateral thinking to keep progressing.

  • Beautifully-presented minimalist puzzle game with chilled original soundtrack
  • Every one of the 170+ puzzles is a hand-made work of art with no randomness
  • Experiment freely – undo any number of moves at any time without any penalty
  • Buy once and enjoy forever – no in-app purchases necessary!
  • Free daily puzzles, plus step-by-step solutions revealed the next day
  • Infinite mode offers an endless play mode with online leaderboards
  • Color-blind mode makes Dissembler accessible to more players

Title: Dissembler
Genre: Casual, Indie
Ian MacLarty
Ian MacLarty
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Dutch,Greek,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

\u2b50\u2b50\u2b50\u2b50\u2b50. (In case \u201c0.1 hours\u201d looks odd, yeah, I played this in offline mode, just ran up a few minutes here so Steam would let me post a review)<\/i>

Anyway, this was lovely.

I sometimes don\u2019t get on all that well with the \u201cfind the right order to do things in on this grid\u201d genre of puzzle games; there\u2019s an unfortunate tendency for them to explode into incomprehensibly gargantuan possibility spaces. But Dissembler keeps everything calm and low-stakes, which is probably why it never frustrated me. Being free to \u2018undo\u2019 as much as you like helps there, but I also appreciated the lack of extraneous interruptions and scoring (there is a scored mode if you care for it, I just don\u2019t), and also just the aesthetics of the thing. The varied palettes and clean shapes make for some great compositions, and the central flip\/click mechanism has a satisfying low-key physicality. Altogether it works to de-emphasise \u201cvictory\u201d in favour of just fiddling with colourful objects at your own pace, which is refreshing.

There were a couple of puzzles toward the end of the main set where I did feel a bit \u201cnah, a few too many initial combinations here, this isn\u2019t great fun\u201d, but that\u2019s okay, you can always skip over one you\u2019re struggling with, or unlock everything from the options menu.

Some puzzle games want to be an instructor CHALLENGING YOU TO PASS THEIR INGENIOUS TESTS TO PROVE YOUR WORTH, but Dissembler is more like a parent handing you a box of old wooden puzzles to play with while they read the Saturday paper and water the plants. More of that, please.. Any game made by Ian MacLarthy is worth cherishing with your heart.. Really nice game for smart ones :) Its really fresh view to logical games and I hope that it will never end up in bundle. So pls support dev and buy it, because its worth it. Yep - forgot to say, it has daily challenges :). Overall: Good
Difficulty: Low to Medium-high

- Simple but can get quite tricky
- Daily puzzles
- Infinite mode
- Very satisfying sound effects. A very creative puzzle game that I find myself going back to again and again!. Good puzzle game with fenomenal soundtrack.Some puzzles will melt your brain if you are not good at these type of puzzles.
More than worth the asking price.

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